Application Procedures

We have developed an effective, accurate and transparent application procedure. We want you to always know during the application process where you stand, if there are vacancies for you and that you are informed on how to apply for this job. Just like our employees working from the comfort of their home office, our application process is 100% virtualized. It is not necessary that you have to travel for an interview.

On the following pages of the application procedure is described in detail.


Please note the following conditions, including the technical requirements for working with us. This includes the computer, the Internet, the phone, the headset and the home office equipment.


We provide you with a computer including two monitors, mouse, keyboard, headset and webcam, which is specially prepared for your work with SYKESHome.

Since the sending of the equipment package is generally only in the course of the first week of training, you need a personal computer with Internet access, headset (earphone with microphone) and webcam for the recruitment phase and the first few days of training.


In order to connect your computer, we provide the necessary systems, you need an Internet connection with the following:

  • Broadband connection (DSL, VDSL or cable connection, no Internet radio or satellite)
  • Downstream at least 16 Mbit/s
  • Upstream at least 1 Mbit/s
  • Internet router with a free network connection for our computer (without any additional component between SYKES computer and router)

Telephone Connection

Depending on the project you will be working for, you will get an analog telephone with headset. Therefore you might need:

  • Landline with a free line / number for the job at SYKESHome
  • A free port (F-connector or RJ11) for our phone

Note that you cannot make private phone calls on this line / call while working for SYKESHome.

Office Equipment

  • Comfortable and ergonomic furniture
  • Quiet and background noise-free environment

Applicant Profile

For the application procedure, we have provided all the necessary information in our application portal. Once you have created your personal profile, you will get step-by-step instructions on what to know about the application process and how to complete it successfully. In your profile you can track the progress of your application, you can see if more information is needed and if you have any problems or questions, you can always contact our support team. Depending on which position you are applying to, please allow 30-60 minutes for the entire process.


In order to provide a complete picture of each person, we need the information contained in your profile as well as an initial assessment of your professional performance level. To collect these, you will carry out a short assessment test that tests grammatically-orthographic competency.

Telephone Feedback

Our candidates will be contacted by telephone hotline. During this call, we will give you more information about our company, the responsibilities of team members, as well as the organizational framework. Plus, you get the opportunity to ask questions and to make a first impression about our company.


Our HR department will invite you to a telephone interview.
In a classic interview we would like to make a final assessment of whether you fit our company and the vacant position.

For our interview please prepare before:

1. A noise-free environment
2. Examples of your previous work experience
3. Demonstrate your work ethic and your professional skills

After the interview, we will decide whether we can offer you a job with SYKESHome and how this project will be structured.


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