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SYKES is now part of Sitel Group®. Visit for more information.

We Create Intelligent Customer Experiences

We partner with companies to help people find and buy their products and services, and provide exceptional customer care that builds brand loyalty.

Discover Our Global Reach

We have physical locations in more than 23 countries across the globe, plus an ever-expanding at-home agent workforce. We offer support in 40+ languages and on whatever delivery channels your customers prefer: self-service content, chat, social media, email and voice.

Founded on the core components of our virtual and brick-and-mortar delivery models, SYKES offers innovative and efficient service delivery through team flexibility, performance collaboration, and unparalleled speed and security.

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Partner Testimonials

The extensive experience and professionalism of the SYKES management teams, and their responsive agility in partnering with us to identify and develop workable solutions across different functions and geographies within absurdly tight timeframes — they make it happen.

Executive Major Beauty Retailer

SYKES has outstanding leadership and values our customers as though they were their own.

Operations Lead Top Technology Company

SYKES is always looking outside the box to ensure the work environment is a great workplace to learn, always looking to update training methods, continuous effort to be their best.

Vendor Manager Major Bank

Partnership and collaboration are just two of SYKES’ key strengths — in addition to the level of willingness to provide value-add services and make improvements when necessary.

Operations Lead Major Health Insurance Provider

Helping Our Partners Lead the Way

We’ve purposefully focused our innovation and digital expertise on the needs of today’s customers. By partnering with SYKES, you can be on the cutting edge of leading industry drivers.

Discover Intelligent CX Innovations