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Start Your Career in Customer Service at SYKES Berlin

Situated in the heart of Kreuzberg, SYKES Berlin is our largest and perhaps the prettiest location in Germany. Our team in Berlin, with colleagues from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, reflects the colorful and diverse character of the capital. Kick start your customer service career at SYKES Berlin. You can view the current vacancies at SYKES and apply here to become a part of our international team.

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Flexible Schedules

Between 20 to 40 hours a week (almost) everything is possible. You decide how much you want to work.

Health Management

We have a weekly fresh fruit day to replenish your vitamins. That’s not all though! We also value sports activities, offering you discounts at selected gym memberships. In cooperation with health insurance companies, we also organize health days to provide our employees information on healthy nutrition, relaxation techniques and fitness training.

Various Snack Offers in Our Kitches

We have two kitchens where you can not only enjoy your own food but also have access to various snack machines. These include HelloFresh and Smunch. So you are catered for around the clock.

Public Wlan in the Kitchen Area

In our two kitchens you can easily check your private e-mails or surf the Internet without increasing your monthly data volume, because we provide a free Internet Hotspot that you can use without registration.


Mutual respect and appreciation are the two pillars that guide our daily interactions. We love taking part in life events such as company anniversaries, weddings or birthdays.

Career Opportunities

Our employees’ personal development is important to us. SYKES supports you in your career and offers you opportunities in self-development. We have a flat hierarchy that enables our employees to progress at our company.

Employee Discounts

Through our cooperating partners, our SYKES team enjoys discounts related to fitness, fashion, leisure and technology. There is also a monthly newsletter to notify our colleagues about the latest discounts.

Internal Training Programs

We offer a variety of training programs to further the development of our employees internally. Besides from that we also regularly offer traineeships and give employees without professional qualifications vocational training.

You’re not convinced yet? Here we have summarized further information about us, our offer and Berlin.


SYKES is also looking for new employees in the current situation. To protect everyone, however, we have completely digitalised our application process.

Here we have put together some tips for you on what you should consider during a virtual job interview.


At SYKES, we adapt to your needs. Our job openings in customer service offer both full-time and part-time opportunities; and also offer you the ideal student job. Here you can see our latest vacancies for Berlin. Further vacancies can be found in our job market on the career page of SYKES. Visit us to find your new job.

Job Title
VacancyCustomer Support Representative / FINNISH / inbound (m/f/d)
LocationBerlinWork from Home
Closing Date17/02/2023
VacancyCall Center Agent / DEUTSCH / Inbound (m/w/d)
Closing Date22/02/2023
VacancyTechnical Specialist (m/f/d) FRENCH
Closing Date08/02/2023
VacancyTechnical Specialist (/m/f/d) ITALIAN
Closing Date08/02/2023
VacancyCustomer Support Representative / NORWEGIAN / inbound (m/f/d)
LocationBerlinWork from Home
Closing Date27/02/2023
VacancyKundenberater für Smart TV Hersteller (m/w/d)
Closing Date01/02/2023


I love my job at SYKES, because I'm part of a great team.


SYKES in three words: exciting, flexible and fair.


SYKES is my second family.


I can definitely imagine a future at SYKES.


I like working at SYKES. I enjoy helping people, and my colleagues are just great!



At SYKES Berlin, we work for well-known, international brands, such as Playstation and Klarna. Our workforce in Berlin comes from all over the world to provide our clients customer service in over 12 languages. Customers can reach us by phone, e-mail, chat or social media and get the high-level customer service they expect from our clients. Would you like to become a part of our international team? Find out more about the latest customer service jobs at SYKES Berlin.
In addition, SYKES Berlin offers jobs that are not directly related to customer service. We are also looking for motivated colleagues to join our human resources, employee development and IT departments. Wondering about your work schedule? Since this is done internally, it allows you a great deal of freedom in determining when and how long you work per week.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time or student job, SYKES Berlin is the right employer for you! We offer flexible working hours; (almost) anything between 20 to 40 hours is possible. We are looking for talented new employees to work on technical and commercial projects. Apply for one of our current SYKES Berlin vacancies and, together with us, take your first step to a career in customer service. We look forward to receiving your application.
Do you have a question about a vacancy or our application process? You can contact us at 0800 130 700 6 or


Student jobs

Working at the call center is a great part-time job for students. Late shifts or work on the weekends are easy to combine with your education, so you can focus on your studies, while earning money on the side. You receive a basic monthly salary and additional bonuses; you can always expect to know how much you will earn at the end of the month.


Our part-time contracts offer relatively flexible working hours. You can work 20, 25, 30 or 35 hours a week. Of course, as a part-timer you also have the option of dividing your daily working hours into multiple blocks.


A full-time work week is 40 hours divided into five days of eight hours each. But you can “split shifts” by dividing these eight hours into several blocks. Work four hours in the morning and four in the evening, for example.


In addition to our vacancies at our Berlin, Bochum, Solingen, Pasewalk and Wilhelmshaven locations, you also have the opportunity to work from home. Regardless of where you live, you can become a part of our team and serve the customers of our clients. Naturally, you will receive the same comprehensive training as your on-site colleagues. You can conveniently follow the trainings online and get the necessary support from our competent team. At SYKESHome, we offer you work that adapts to your everyday life. Whether you are looking for an ideal work-life balance or would like to have more time for your family: SYKESHome is the right choice for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to conduct surveys or attract new customers at SYKES Berlin?

SYKES works only with big and well-known brands. We only do serious business. Our employees provide commercial or technical support and answer incoming requests from our clients’ customers. The industry term for our services is ‘inbound support’.

Do I need a certification for the job?

For some years now, there is a vocational training for becoming a service specialist in dialogue marketing. However, this is not a requirement for us since you will receive extensive training at the beginning of your career at SYKES.

Do I need to make sales?

That depends on which client you are working for. If you enjoy making sales, we recommend one of our sales accounts. Through commissions you earn on average a little more. If you prefer, you can also work for projects where making sales is not required.

Can I also work from home?

Through SYKESHome, we offer more than 300 people work that they conveniently perform from home. Our SYKESHome employees are more independent and can better combine work and private life. If you too want to take advantage of Work At Home, check out the page of SYKESHome

How long is the training period and will I be paid for it?

The duration of our trainings varies from project to project. So unfortunately, there is no general answer to the first question. However, the training takes place during your working hours, so you will receive your regular salary during your training.

Do I have to be on the phone the whole day?

In many projects, our employees also process written inquiries that are sent via letter, chat or social media.

What is the duration of the employment contract?

For the time being, our employment contracts are limited to one year. However, we are interested in a long-term commitment, so there is unlikely to be anything to go against the renewal of a contract.

Do I need good English skills to work at SYKES Berlin?

Unless it is mentioned in your job description, English skills are not necessary.


Discover your potential, learn new skills and have fun at work. Apply now to get started!

For further questions, we look forward to hearing from you:

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Would you like to know more about our vacancies or have questions about our application process? We look forward to your call: +49 (0) 800 – 130 700 6.

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