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Join Our Team at SYKES Germany

At SYKES, our colleagues work for well-known brands, such as Klarna, Sonos and Playstation. They also get to acquire insider knowledge first hand. In addition to great employee discounts, we offer great career opportunities. Join our team and start your customer service career at SYKES. We look forward to your application!


SYKES Germany offers a variety of job opportunities to start your career. Whether you are looking for a student, part-time or full-time job, at SYKES you will find a job that suits your needs. Thanks to clients from a wide range of industries, including fashion, technology and finance, our area of responsibility is very diverse. Since we do not only take calls but answer customer queries via email, chat or social media as well, there is also variety within the projects. At SYKES, you are guaranteed a career path in customer service that is suited for you.


SYKES is also looking for new employees in the current situation. To protect everyone, however, we have completely digitalised our application process.

Here we have put together some tips for you on what you should consider during a virtual job interview.


Here you can find our latest vacancies. Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time or student job, we sure have a suitable position for you. You can also find all open positions in our applicant portal. We look forward to meeting you!

Job Title
VacancyCall Center Agent in Pasewalk (m/f/d) inbound
Closing Date31/12/2022
VacancyCustomer Support Representative / Polish (m/f/d)
Closing Date29/12/2022
VacancyHome Office Kundenberater (m/w/d) für Vodafone – SYKESHome Germany
LocationBochumWork from Home
Closing Date08/01/2023
VacancyHome Office Kundenberater (m/w/d) für Vodafone – SYKESHome Germany
LocationBochumWork from Home
Closing Date25/01/2023
VacancyHome Office / Bankenbereich / Call Center Agent / kaufmännisch / Inbound / (m/w/d)
LocationWilhelmshWork from Home
Closing Date11/12/2022
VacancyKundenberater für Smart TV Hersteller (m/w/d)
Closing Date01/02/2023
VacancyHome Office / Mobilfunkbereich / Call Center Agent / Inbound / (m/w/d)
Closing Date09/01/2023
VacancyCustomer Support Representative / NORWEGIAN / inbound (m/f/d)
LocationBerlinWork from Home
Closing Date28/02/2023
VacancyHome Office Kundenberater French für Tefal, Krups und Rowenta (m/w/d)
LocationBochumWork from Home
Closing Date22/01/2023
VacancyHome Office Kundenberater Italian für Tefal, Krups und Rowenta (m/w/d)
LocationBochumWork from Home
Closing Date22/01/2023
VacancyTechnical Project / Customer Support Representative / FINNISH/ inbound
Closing Date06/01/2023
VacancyHome Office / Deutsche Glasfaser / Call Center Agent / Inbound / (m/w/d)
LocationWilhelmshWork from Home
Closing Date15/01/2023


Flexible Work Schedules

At SYKES, you can choose how much you would like to work per week: 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 hours.


The people who work for us are important to us. That is why we take part in life events such as company anniversaries, weddings or birthdays.

Health Management

In addition to a weekly fruit day and a visit to the company doctor, we also offer our team the opportunity to take part in sporting events.

Career Opportunities

We support you in your career planning and ensure that you can develop professionally and personally.

Regular Employee Surveys

Once a year, we would like to know from all colleagues worldwide what suggestions they have for improving their daily work at SYKES. The opinion of our team is very important to us!

Employee Discounts

Through our cooperation partners, our colleagues get to enjoy discounts in fitness, fashion, leisure and technology.

Internal Training Programs

We want to enable our employees to start a career, which is why we offer various internal programs for further training. Also, we regularly offer traineeships and give employees without professional qualifications vocational training.

Special Leave for Special Life Events

Some life events are so extraordinary that they deserve special treatment. Our employees receive additional special leave, for example, for their wedding or birth of a child.


Our Team is Important to Us

At SYKES, we help thousands of people worldwide every day. We are always there for our customers, clients and our colleagues. Since providing help is so important to us, we have made it the core of our company philosophy: We help people, one caring interaction at a time.


At SYKESHome you have a job that fits your daily routine. Whether you’re seeking an ideal work-life balance or simply wish to have more time for your family, SYKESHome will be the right choice for you.

See Our Open Positions


SYKES Berlin

At SYKES Berlin, we speak more than 12 languages. Our employees come from all over the world and share the same goal: to offer the best customer service in the industry. Learn here about open positions, our benefits and why you should apply to SYKES Berlin.

SYKES Bochum

SYKES Bochum is located in the heart of the Ruhr region. Our team in Bochum provides customer support for well-known brands, such as Sonos and Klarna. Read here more about our current job offers, career opportunities and company culture. We look forward to meeting you!

SYKES Solingen

SYKES Solingen is our newest and most modern location and is exactly the right place to start a career in customer service. The Solingen team is a brand ambassador for well-known companies. Our colleagues in Solingen strive to make our clients even more successful. Join our team! We look forward to receiving your application!

SYKES Wilhelmshaven

SYKES Wilhelmshaven is a site with tradition. No wonder that some of our colleagues in Wilhelmshaven have been working for SYKES for over 20 years. Are you looking for an job where you feel comfortable professionally and personally? Find out more about our job offers!

SYKES Pasewalk

SYKES Pasewalk is not only one of the largest employers in the region but also has more than 20 years of experience in customer service. Whether you want to get back to work after a break, change your career or start a career – SYKES has the right job for you!


Discover your potential, learn new skills and have fun at work. Apply now to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the team at SYKES conduct surveys on the phone or attract new customers?

SYKES cooperates only with big and well-known brands. We only do serious business. Our employees provide commercial or technical customer service and are usually contacted by the customers themselves. This is why we call it inbound support, because callbacks are only made upon special request.

Do I need a specific certification for the job?

For some years now, there is a vocational training for service specialists in dialogue marketing. However, this is not a requirement to work at SYKES since you will receive extensive training at the beginning of your career.

Do I need to make a sale on the phone?

We manage several projects where you have the opportunity to sell contract optimizations. If you enjoy selling, we recommend one of our sales accounts. Through commissions you earn on average a little more. If you prefer, you can also work for projects where making sales is not a requirement.

Can I also work from home?

If you are interested in working from home, take a look at our latest vacancies from SYKESHome. We have special projects for colleagues who would like to work from home. You will receive the necessary equipment from us. So all you need is a separately lockable room and an internet connection. However, you have to decide in advance whether you want to work from home or at one of our centers. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to work a few days from home and the rest of the time at the office.

How long is the training period and will I be paid for it?

The duration of the trainings varies from project to project and amounts to one to six weeks. However, you will receive your regular salary during your training. Please inquire about the duration of your training during your application interview.

Do I have to be on the phone the whole day?

In many projects, our employees also process written inquiries that are sent via letter, chat or social media.

What is the duration of the employment contract?

Our employment contracts are initially limited to 12 months. However, we are interested in a long-term commitment. Therefore, in most cases, we offer a further contract extension.



Enjoy a partnership with shared goals such as increasing efficiency and improving your overall customer experience.