How a Focused Tech Academy Solves the Talent-Stream Challenge
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How a Focused Tech Academy Solves the Talent-Stream Challenge

This Webinar Took Place On January 16, 2018
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Thank you for joining our webinar on How a Focused Tech Academy Solves the Talent-Stream Challenge. For unlimited access to the entire 45-minute webinar, view the full recording above.

Our model for top-performing technical support solves for a shortage of skilled technical-support specialists, and increases scalability and cost-effectiveness of customer-support operations.

To thank you for attending the webinar, we’re offering you a complementary planning session. Gain a roadmap on how to implement these takeaways at your firm based on various best practices we’ve developed with world-renowned brands. Just fill up the form above to make a connection.

Solving for a shortage of skilled engineers
Enhancing the customer experience on complex, high-tech inquiries
Improving scalability and cost-effectiveness of user support operations
Creating the right flow of talent to feed growth
Dirk Metcalf
Business Operations Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the high-technology field, Metcalf’s professional interest in technology is more a passion than a job. He believes that part of his responsibility is to see technology effectively and efficiently utilized, and so he educates people about benefits and potential of their workplace technology while facilitating a team approach in achieving defined business goals and maintaining industry standards.

Martin Jensen
Director of Account Operations

Jensen has results-oriented professional experience in business process outsourcing, serving as a contributor in driving quality and operational excellence. Jensen’s 13+ years of leadership expertise has been focused in developing high-performance technical support teams and driving strategic excellence in new product service and support.

Diego Mora
SYKES Tech Academy

Mora is an experienced Technical Operations manager with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing/offshoring and the IT industry. Skilled in operations management, coaching, service-level agreements (SLAs), team building and workforce management, Mora demonstrates advanced skills in computer networking and professional certificates in the IT industry.

Nick Sellers Moderator
Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing

Pragmatic and thorough, Sellers is an experienced manager, trusted coach and advisor, steadying influence and practical problem solver. Nick believes insight comes through understanding, and understanding comes through testing and probing — making him an ideal moderator for this session.

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