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SYKESHome: Work at Home Benefits

SYKESHome has had many clients start from our brick-and-mortar sites that have moved to a work-at-home option. Many of them were hesitant about the transition, but as soon as they made the change, they saw the benefits. One major advantage to WAH is a broader access to talent by hiring in 41 states in the US, 10 provinces in Canada and throughout EMEA. We hire work-at-home agents that show strong brand affinity and have flexible schedules that match when your customers are calling.

We actively build and scale a highly educated, artfully skilled workforce for excellent service and compelling cost savings. Our talent acquisition team can recruit without geographical limitations, which promotes hiring for unique skills, backgrounds, educations and brand affinity. This allows us to select from an impressive pool of talent, which in return, translates to a superior customer experience.

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