SYKES Intelligent CX: Experience. Connected.
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SYKES Intelligent CX: Experience. Connected.

In today’s complex world, customers love the companies that meet their needs in a frictionless and relevant way, connecting intuitive experiences throughout each stage of the customer journey using the power of intelligent CX.

Intelligent customer experience is making the most of every touchpoint, using AI to analyze behavior from billions of interactions and using that data to improve future experiences. It’s an intuitive and personalized path to conversion that meets your customers right where they need you. It’s powering sales experts with our proprietary consumer data engine to increase order value. It also reduces customer service calls with optimized care content that solves problems before people ever pick up the phone.

Ultimately, it is the most sophisticated, effective and frictionless way to build long-term, valuable relationships for your business. That’s what it looks like at SYKES, but for your customers, it looks like faster solutions, more connections, a smooth and seamless journey, less hold time, more quality time and a personalized customer experience that just clicks.

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