A Global Commitment to Social Progress

SYKES is committed to fostering an equal, diverse and connected community where every employee is valued and able to learn and grow. Together, we work toward social sustainability in everything we do, creating impactful initiatives for human rights, diversity, employee relations and our local communities.


SYKES’ Social Sustainability Solutions Around the World

Social Facts

Since 2007, SYKES has donated more than 12,000 backpacks to students from schools in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Social Program Spotlight

Mid-Level Leadership Growth Program


This program offers development opportunities to FLL (first-level leader) employees who have the potential to grow and develop into MLL (mid-level leader) employees. As a result, 77.5% of SYKES’ EMEA operations mid-level leadership positions are promoted and recruited internally.

Sykes Edge


Providing 30 scholarships per year, SYKES’ Educational Grant for Employees’ Dependents (EDGE) allows employees’ spouses and dependents in Latin America, Asia Pacific and North America to apply for higher education assistance. Since its inception in 2017, SYKES EDGE has helped nearly 100 employee dependents achieve their dreams of finishing their education.

SYKES Women in Technology

SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT)

This program promotes and facilitates the inclusion of women in technical accounts and empowers them to learn more about high-technology growth options within the organization. In 2019, SWIT led to a 21% increase in technology positions held by women at SYKES.

Social Facts

In just three years, the SYKES Mid-Level Leadership (MLL) program enrolled 73 first-level leaders, and 58% of them have earned mid-level leadership promotions.

SYKES Women in Technology

Learn more about how SWIT is supporting women in the technology field around the world.

Social Facts

SYKES North America has raised more than $1.8 million for the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease and stroke in our communities.

SYKES Gender Equality Efforts

SYKES Gender Equality Efforts

Get to know the programs and initiatives that support and empower women at SYKES.

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