SYKES’ Science of Service®

Focused on providing the best possible customer experience, SYKES’ Science of Service® delivers effective and efficient results.

With SYKES our clients have the full advantage of the SYKES Science of Service®. This fully integrated approach to operations leverages SYKES’ global best practices in all aspects of operational performance. Applying the SYKES Science of Service® achieves the consistent delivery of high-quality results that establish our clients as the global benchmark in customer contact management performance.

Quality Management

A central component of the Science of Service®, SYKES brings a highly- focused, integrated, and dynamic quality program to all of our engagements. This program ensures consistency and predictability in delivering high-quality results. Our quality management system, ensures a consistent and rigorous application of process, measurement, and improvement. SYKES’ Performance Empowerment Program (PEP) empowers sSupervisors to establish individual development plans for each agent, focused on achievement of client- driven objectives. This is directly linked to our disciplined analytics and improvement methodology, which is centered on using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process to leverage customer feedback and satisfaction levels to continually improve overall service.

Workforce Management (WFM)

SYKES makes sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time doing the right job, by leveraging best-in-class workforce management processes and tools. Process execution is the key — striking the balance to maximize employee and customer satisfaction using effective scheduling while maintaining optimal utilization levels through managing real-time adherence.

Customer Relationship Management Services

At SYKES, customers are our top priority. After all, our purpose statement is “We help people, one caring interaction at a time.” Our customer-focused capabilities are vast — inventory-management services like order processing and fulfillment; providing relevant product information for knowledge discovery and potential for inbound upselling during each customer interaction (voice, chat, social); customer support for technical- and customer-care needs via voice, chat and social; warranty-related customer support regarding claims and overall administration. We surround the customer with end-to-end service solutions to ensure a frictionless experience, building brand loyalty and affinity.

Financial Management

Recognizing the importance of delivering a value-added program, SYKES efficiently and effectively uses the assets entrusted to us. We do this through empowering our team with sophisticated financial management tools to simplify the administrative needs of our business and ensure that we maintain financial integrity so that we can focus on delivering value to you.

Human Capital

Hiring the right people for the right job and providing the right training is paramount to building the right culture of sales and service. As part of Enabling Excellence Everyday, competencies are defined for agents and management, and they provide the basis for hiring, training, and coaching. We work with you to define the optimal agent profile for your program using highly-refined human resources techniques. Global best practices in sourcing, assessment, and retention are leveraged. SYKES’ Management Excellence Program ensures that management is trained in SYKES’ Science of Service. Our compensation and benefit structures are designed to meet the needs of our staff and promote the right behavior within our organization.

Analytics and Improvement

Bringing simplicity to the complexity of your business is our performance management strategy. We focus on capturing the data that gives us insight into the performance of your operation and effectively analyzing that data to drive continuous improvement. SYKES has a central data warehouse that gives real-time and historical visibility. We also leverage data acquisition techniques to gain further insight into your customer needs and satisfaction and determine how those correlate to the contact center operations. The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process allows us to understand your business through statistical analysis, affect change within the operations, and make recommendations for improvement.

Technology Management

SYKES provides flexible solutions with full contact center technology capabilities. We integrate seamlessly with the technology environment. We continually assess, acquire, and develop new tools to support all business aspects. From performance management tools that provide integrated quality monitoring services to robust business continuity solutions, our technology platform provides peace of mind through a stable and balanced solution.

Facility Management

Worldwide infrastructure availability and management gives a variable cost model which allows you more flexibility to manage your business. Our dedicated real estate organization continually explores new opportunities to expand our current footprint. Comprehensive and detailed processes ensure that sites are operational according to industry best practices and SYKES’ Science of Service. Our proven support of companies requiring extensive security affords us the mastery of facilities management, site acquisition, and data security.

Emergency Services

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to turn that customer into a lifelong brand advocate, but that’s especially true when it comes to emergency situations. Our work within the automotive industry showcases that very truth. We’ve provided emergency roadside services for more than 20 years. On these types of calls, safety of the customer is the most important factor. Therefore, the first question always asked by the agent, is “are you ok, and are you in a safe location?” The agents will always look to receive the vehicle’s location and will attempt to speak with the vehicle occupants to assess the level of emergency. If the occupants are unable to speak with the agent, these cases are automatically treated as a full emergency, and a second agent will be utilized to contact the PSAP aggregator.

Healthcare Services

For more than 20 years, healthcare providers, medical-device manufacturers, and health plans have relied on SYKES to provide enhanced consumer experiences, expert technical support and brand promotion. With highly trained medical professionals and care specialists handling everything from member support to wellness coaching and chronic disease management, we view every interaction as an opportunity to improve the quality of patient care for brands. With extensive experience serving Hospital, Medical Device, Telehealth and Health Insurance clients, we deliver peace-of-mind assistance with a human touch. We focus on reducing client costs while advancing patient care.