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Tech Academy: Preparing the Workforce for a Digital Economy
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Tech Academy: Preparing the Workforce for a Digital Economy

At SYKES, we maximize knowledge to generate new opportunities and guarantee sustainability in our brand partners’ businesses.

We understand that the markets are facing global changes more frequently and in shorter periods. For this reason, SYKES has implemented several strategies that have allowed us to consolidate our corporative infrastructure to face new challenges.

Tech Academy is a fundamental part of this infrastructure. It’s the place where two of our main assets — knowledge and talent — converge. It’s the space where disseminating knowledge and incorporating new technologies are fundamental elements contributing to the continuous improvement of our services and products. First developed by SYKES Costa Rica, Tech Academy is an educational program that helps promote and develop talent through two main objectives:

  • To support the transformation and expansion of digital markets for our portfolio partners and clients
  • To foster a generation of professionals who will be able to think in an innovative way, lead efforts toward technology in the future, and be part of technological advances

That’s how “Work, Learn, and Grow” becomes a powerful slogan that fosters a collaborative culture focused on continuous learning. This way, experience and innovation become the center of our activities to positively impact the competitiveness of our brand partners and their customers.

Tech Academy, a Learning Organization

Faithful in our commitment to the future, we look for the best talents in our local communities. Through process innovations in teaching and learning, we help them enhance the skills and technological capabilities that businesses demand, in the shortest possible time.

Our collaborators are trained and specialized in software development, cloud computing, networks, and digital transformation. They acquire soft skills that allow them to incorporate the knowledge acquired into our day-to-day operations. Tech Academy students find an ideal environment through this growing ecosystem to gain practical experience and apply their learning to technological solutions that efficiently and safely solve our brand partners’ needs.

Similarly, the caliber of Tech Academy instructors, who are internationally certified and have more than five years of experience in relevant fields, provides an opportunity for our students to develop their skills in an environment of academic excellence.

Tech Academy has configured seven training areas: Business Intelligence & Analytics, Compute, DevNET, Networking, Programming, Project Management, and Cloud. Today, more than 25 courses are associated with programs from which more than 5,000 students have graduated since 2004, when the academy first opened its doors.

Our knowledge areas are designed based on SYKES lines of business and respond to a strategic vision regarding the future needs of our brand partners. Proof of this is the Cloud Computing program, considered one of the three disruptive technologies with the most significant demand in the coming years.

At SYKES, we recognize the value of knowledge today and in the future. We know that technology skills and competencies will dominate the businesses of tomorrow, so our commitment to our partners will continue to uphold operational excellence by offering innovative capabilities to solve the toughest challenges. In this sense, Tech Academy is a crucial asset that guarantees the sustainability and growth of the SYKES business, which contributes to social mobility, strengthens the industry, and increases competitiveness in Costa Rica as more people acquire knowledge in technologies.

About the Author:

Diego Mora is an experienced technical operations director with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and BPO industries. He is skilled in technical operations and services with advanced computer networking skills (CCNA, CCNP), operating systems, IoT, cloud computing, security, and virtualization technologies, plus expertise with software development. He is also in charge of the Tech Academy.

Connect with Diego on LinkedIn.