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Sustainability Report: Commitment to Transparency & Accountability
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Sustainability Report: Commitment to Transparency & Accountability

SYKES Costa Rica’s Annual Sustainability Report shows the company’s commitment to the sustainable development of our operations within the country and its effects on the communities where SYKES operates.

The company generates this report under GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards, which considers the best global practices to inform organizations’ economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Amid the global uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic, SYKES has made public our 2020 Sustainability Report. Indicators show how the company was able to adapt to the challenges imposed by the global crisis to ensure business continuity and growth. The results show how we opted for the virtualization of most of our operations to provide the highest level of service to brand partners and improve working conditions for collaborators.

On the other side, through our technical and English academies, we continued to develop human talent across the country as a fundamental strategy to guarantee the required workforce needed for our operations and as a way to drive social impact.

If we don’t measure, we don’t improve!

For SYKES, sustainability is a critical pillar when it comes to business planning and execution. It is a priority in our raison d’être, which significantly improves the value proposition for all of our stakeholders.

Among our business partners, SYKES is known for creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers by being a responsible corporate citizen and measuring the impact of our performance. For this reason, publicly reporting our results promotes a broader perspective and commitment that contribute to business partners, industry, and the country’s development.

This detailed report is a piece of sound evidence that allows company leaders to guarantee sustainability across all layers of the organization. In 2017, SYKES Costa Rica became the first company in its sector in the region to publish a sustainability report. The report helps us understand and disclose our impacts in a way that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders. In addition, GRI standards are highly relevant to many other groups, including investors, policymakers, capital markets, and civil society, as:

  • They identify the impacts SYKES generates under standardized indicators on the most relevant material topics.
  • They further strengthen our commitment to transparency and accountability to various stakeholders.
  • They increase our corporate maturity.
  • They increase the focus on continuous improvement of all of our programs and in all layers of the organization.
  • They involve interested parties in open consultation processes.
  • They improve rigor and discipline in the execution of our deliverables.

In this way, SYKES reaffirms our commitment to the annual publication of the GRI report, not only at the local level but also by contributing to the completion of the first edition at the regional level. This sustainability report is publicly accessible, transparent, binding, and relevant for accountability to our stakeholders and the various actors in the corporate services sector.

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About the Program Owner

Yolanda Tapia is the Corporate Social Responsibility manager in SYKES Costa Rica and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in group and organizations studies. She has substantial experience in the BPO industry, sustainability, and employee engagement. With close to 20 years with the company, Yolanda is also part of the Global SYKES Sustainability Counsel, leading the environmental pillar.

Connect with Yolanda on LinkedIn.