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Efficiency & Impact as Part of the VALUE Chain ISO 14001: Environmental Management
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Efficiency & Impact as Part of the VALUE Chain ISO 14001: Environmental Management

In 2008, SYKES Costa Rica initiated an environmental management program. Ten years later, the company would achieve the ISO 14001 certification. To this end, we began managing energy, water, raw materials, and the proper disposal of general waste and electronic equipment. In doing so, we consolidated all key areas of the organization to become a true corporate agent of change — one that would cover all impact fronts in a systemic and cross-sectional way. Additionally, this years-long emphasis on environmental management used all available technologies while aligning efforts to mitigate any potential impacts to each year’s strategic initiatives.

Social responsibility is a shared value in all areas at SYKES. Our impact on the communities where we operate as well as our commitment to environmental sustainability are high-priority issues. As a result, responsible consumption initiatives at all levels of the organization have been designed in accordance.

Electronic waste management includes maintenance, recycling, donations to schools or education projects, and responsible disposal in coordination with third parties tasked with recovering metals and reusable materials. Before wasting these resources, SYKES ensures that each device has reached its complete lifecycle.

Furthermore, SYKES has implemented solutions to optimize water consumption while promoting internal environmental awareness regarding water management. For instance, we avoid bottled water and use rainwater catchment tanks for toilets and garden watering.

At SYKES, we dispose of our waste daily and partner with recycling companies that treat the waste according to its materials. Once the waste is treated properly, the recycling partners issue certificates validating that appropriate measures were taken.

To promote internal awareness, SYKES creates opportunities to educate personnel of the importance of individual and collective efforts to responsibly consume and contribute to environmental sustainability.

In addition to ISO 14001, SYKES Costa Rica has obtained other certifications that contribute to environmental management, including ISO 50001 for energy management and ISO 14064 to greenhouse gas management. The company is also carbon neutral, certified in 2014.

In the past five years, the company’s workforce increased by 30% to more than 5,500 employees, while the non-recoverable waste decreased from 87% to 63%.

To promote transparency for all SYKES stakeholders, we have published yearly sustainability reports under the GRI Standards methodology since 2017. We invite you to learn more about our current and ongoing sustainability efforts at

About the Program Owner

Guillermo Blanco is the administrative director of SYKES Costa Rica. He has formal studies in business and customs administration and certifications in building maintenance management and relevant ISO standards. Guillermo has more than 20 years of experience in the direction of buildings and equipment and leads initiatives related to energy efficiency and global standards the company has adopted as part of its environmental sustainability strategy.

Connect with Guillermo on LinkedIn.