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DevOps: The New Approach to Service Optimization in the Face of Unique Challenges
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DevOps: The New Approach to Service Optimization in the Face of Unique Challenges

At SYKES, we focus on providing solutions quickly and efficiently without sacrificing security or quality.

The increase in demand for goods and services — a response to the expectations of an increasingly diverse and demanding market — puts pressure on the technology industry to continuously improve. These evolving trends have led us to adopt work strategies that allow us to face, in the shortest time possible and with the highest precision and quality required, the current and future challenges of our clients and business partners.

Through the incorporation of DevOps, at SYKES we have been able to go at the necessary speed to innovate in increasingly competitive markets. By taking this approach, we can develop, test, and launch digital products and services faster and at a lower cost. It also allows us to have a tactical and strategic vision of our partners’ businesses to generate tailored solutions that are scalable and impactful to maximize their customers’ experiences.

The use of DevOps reinforces the commitment with our partners, guaranteeing the following aspects:

  • Higher-quality products and services through innovation and continuous improvement
  • Products and services deemed more satisfactory to partners and their customers through continuous monitoring of metrics and real-time information analysis
  • Risk management through the control and automation of processes

DevOps provides an extended lifecycle for products and services that undergo ongoing evaluations, generating updates based on the use and predictability of future interactions. This approach allows our brand partners to position their services at a more advanced level than their competitors.

Heavy use of process automation through the adoption of DevOps is crucial for SYKES and our brand partners. For example, through robotic process automation (RPA), we can automate repetitive tasks based on structured rules, making it easier to target human efforts on activities that generate higher added value.

At SYKES, RPA is not just about digitizing existing, routine, or time-consuming tasks — it’s about implementing additional controls to ensure they occur by default, which reduces potential risks and provides greater confidence in the products and services offered.

Driving transformation is complicated, as it requires specific knowledge and investments. That’s why incorporating new technologies, methodologies, and innovative approaches requires research on areas for improvement and business opportunities. Most of the time, identifying specific process needs, challenges, and opportunities is not easy — that’s why SYKES offers our DevOps expertise to reduce knowledge gaps and guarantee the success and growth of our brand partners’ businesses. By improving critical processes, SYKES offers a higher added-value proposition that contributes to a better experience and elevates the lifecycle of final product users or service consumers.

About the program owner:

Diego Mora is the operations director in the high-tech vertical. He focuses efforts on implementing successful businesses through the development of multifunctional technology solutions. He has knowledge in computer networking (CCNA, CCNP), cloud computing, software development, cybersecurity, and virtualization technologies across multiple brands and solutions. Diego is also responsible for SYKES Tech Academy and leads the DevOps teams in SYKES Costa Rica.

Connect With Diego on LinkedIn.