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Survey Report

2021 Video Gaming Habits Survey:What Would Gamers Give Up to Keep Playing?

The passionate ultra-fans of gaming are willing to give up more than most to get to the next level, but how much? We surveyed 1,500 gamers to find out.

TV and movies are great, but when it comes to being the hero of your own story, nothing quite tops the immersive experience of a video game. And for the passionate ultra-fans of video games — gamers — nothing else even comes close. Even reality TV or sports, where the outcome is never fully certain, can’t fully compare to the excitement of hopping between perilous platforms in Super Mario Bros., the terror of turning a dark corner in Resident Evil’s Racoon City, or the elation of beating the final boss after countless attempts. With games, you’re the one in control.

So it’s no wonder that as we all look for ways to pass the time during the pandemic, more and more gamers are logging on, interacting with stories, and exploring virtual worlds. The NPD Group found that four in five U.S. consumers played a video game between May and November of 2020. And according to Nielsen Video Game Tracking (VGT), 46% of Americans reported an uptick in their play during lockdown. In fact, as of 2021, gaming has become a bigger industry than sports and movies combined.

But how important are games to the people that play them? Would gamers give up other forms of entertainment like TV and movies, streaming, or even vacation, if it meant just one more life? We surveyed 1,500 gamers who indicated that they play video games daily to find out.

There’s Plenty of Hype on the Horizon in 2021

According to the results of our multiple selection-option question, here are the top 10 games gamers can’t wait to get their hands on in 2021:

Theres Plenty of Hype on the Horizon in 2021

It’s a Worldwide “Multi-Player Party”

As exciting as a single-player game can be, everyone knows that games are better with friends.

Its a Worldwide Multi-Player Party

There’s no question that video games have become a social event, as nearly three-quarters of gamers have made friends abroad. Likely, this video gaming statistic is a result of the prolific rise of online multiplayer, free-to-play (f2p) industry models, and increased internet speeds globally over the past decade.

What Would Gamers Trade for Unlimited Lives?

Gamers spend countless hours building virtual mines and castles, neutralizing enemies, earning precious resources, or even creating personalized avatars to show off to friends. So it’s easy to imagine that once you’ve put in the time — and earned achievements — that level of dedication can be hard to give up. But how hard?

What Would Gamers Trade for Unlimited Lives

Overall, gamers reported that they’re willing to endure minor inconveniences like extra school or visits to the dentist to keep enjoying their hobby. But to fully test their mettle, we made things a little more interesting. For the next set of questions, we let gamers choose what they would give up for a whole month to keep playing. Let the games begin …

endure minor inconveniences like extra school

While gamers aren’t willing to deal with losing friendships over gaming, it appears they’re more than willing to sacrifice plenty of other pastimes and creature comforts to make it to the next level. For the next set of questions, instead of just one month, gamers would need to carefully weigh out an entire year instead.

sacrifice plenty of other pastimes and creature comforts to make it to the next level

Out of seven individual questions, the only other pastime, activity, or amenity that came close to taking the place of gaming for the entire year was “vacation,” with only 48.07% of gamers valuing their time off more than their video game time.

But just giving up things for a short time? That’s easy mode. Let’s see what daily gamers would be willing to give up forever in exchange for one more chance at a new high score.

gamers valuing their time off more than their video game time

Gamers are in it to win it till game over.

Gamers Have Set a New High Score in 2021

Gamers are a special breed. Unlike readers or movie buffs, the unique individuals that pick up a controller when it’s time to relax don’t want to read or watch a story — they want to help tell one. And when it comes to their favorite pastime, we’ve seen there’s clearly no substitute.

Though we’ve come a long way since arcades, 8-bit, and Pong, gaming has continued to delight and surprise fans all over the world. Time will tell how the industry continues to evolve and innovate, but with such a passionate and loyal fanbase today, we’re sure to see plenty of new and amazing ways to play ahead.


Using Pollfish, we polled 1,500 Americans over the age of 18. To screen out non-gamers and passive gamers, only those who answered “Yes, I’m a big gamer, and I play video games daily” were counted.



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