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Social Media Support

As social media platforms grew in popularity, customers grew to expect their favorite brands to be available for support on-the-go. Developing a social media support strategy allows brands to quickly respond to customers through private message on a variety of social media applications. This approach gives customers a convenient option to connect with support, cultivating brand loyalty over time. Social media support also gives brands the opportunity to address complaints on social media, leading to more efficient issue resolution.

In today’s digital atmosphere, customers expect support to be available on the platforms that are convenient to them. For brands, this means cultivating a social strategy that emphasizes support in every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to the point of purchase and beyond. Using social media support in conjunction with traditional support methods can ensure that customers feel their pain points are being understood, and that your brand places value on their experience. With access to support on social platforms, customers can connect with brands online, regardless of their location or time zone, and receive faster solutions to problems they encounter with your product or service.

With SYKES solutions in place, brands can communicate and engage with customers on different platforms, including social networks, messaging apps, web-based messaging, consumer review sites, and even community forums. For over a decade, we’ve provided social media support for leading brands across all verticals, with multilingual capabilities that allow us to offer services in 20+ languages. Utilizing analytics and consumer insights, we will work closely with your brand to develop a customized social strategy that meets your customers where they are, whenever they need support.