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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

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PCI Compliance

PCI (payment card industry) compliance most often represents a company’s level of adherence to the institution-specific security guidelines required to process and complete most credit or debit card transactions. Sometimes referred to as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), these guidelines help ensure that credit card data is always handled on secure networks to prevent data breaches.

To obtain PCI compliance status, companies must follow all of the security guidelines provided to businesses by each major credit card or banking company individually, then submit to a cardholder data environment review or “scope” by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

The PCI compliance status of a company is a direct reflection of how safe a business keeps private financial data throughout each digital transaction — and a promise to customers that they are in good hands when they do business with that company. Maintaining PCI compliance not only adds to the legitimacy of a business, it also mitigates the risk of extremely harmful data leaks or breaches for a company and its customers. As more and more transactions have migrated to the digital space, PCI compliance can be an exceptionally useful way to reassure consumers that they’re always making a safe, smart decision by entrusting a specific company with their business.

Not only has SYKES maintained a strong history of PCI compliance, we’ve also extended the same level of enterprise security to our platforms and products that complete transactions as well. No matter the SYKES service — whether a brand partner has adopted SYKESHome or relies on any of our virtual support centers to keep customer data safe — SYKES has actively maintained PCI compliance through each check, check-in, and periodic review that has been conducted to date. Partnering with SYKES doesn’t just mean access to our award-winning platforms or virtual contact centers, it offers companies peace of mind that their customers’ data is secure.