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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score®, also known as NPS®, is a common customer service metric that is used to gauge a customer’s experience with a product or service. NPS is derived from the results of customer surveys, which are often conducted after a customer service interaction takes place. In these surveys, customers are asked to indicate on a scale of 0–10 how likely they are to recommend a company to someone else, which provides insight into both customer experience and potential business growth.

On this scale, a rating of 9 or 10 is considered positive, 7 or 8 is neutral, and 0–6 are negative. Responses are tallied by number rating, and the percentage of negative ratings is subtracted from the percentage of positive ratings to calculate NPS. If all ratings are on the negative end, the total score can be as low as -100, while if all ratings are on the positive end, the total score can go up to 100. While average NPS varies greatly by industry, a score of +30 is considered proficient, and above +50 is exceptional. Lower scores may start at zero, which indicates even numbers of positive and negative customer experiences.

Customer service is a highly influential factor for NPS. Companies with poor or inconsistent customer satisfaction tend to receive negative ratings, while companies that focus on customer service, extending to business areas such as billing and technical support, tend to score positive ratings.

Net Promoter Scores are a widely used metric within the business world and can help form public perception of your business. Successful customer experience initiatives yield higher NPS, which then provide credibility for your product or offering. Designing a robust customer experience that includes a range of support solutions can aid in securing a higher NPS. Over time, this metric can be used to predict business growth and creates a valuable cycle of feedback for your customer service teams.

SYKES is a trusted partner for companies seeking to improve their NPS. Our end-to-end solutions enable us to improve the customer experience (CX) at each touchpoint with top-tier talent, innovative automation strategies, increased support during peak seasons, expertise in recognizing and mitigating potential customer service issues, and more. Through consistent analysis and feedback, SYKES develops tailored solutions make customers feel more engaged with your products and services from discovery to support, leading them to recommend your brand to family or friends.