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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

Looking to learn a little more about what we do? We've compiled a comprehensive list of common BPO terms and definitions so you can stay in the know.


Omnichannel support frequently involves a messaging component, which allows customers to receive support on demand. Messaging, which can be facilitated either by a chatbot or live agents, offers customers the opportunity to access support on their mobile phone or another internet-connected device. While messaging primarily refers to texting, it can also take place using messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

Customers want convenient options to connect with customer service when they encounter a problem. Messaging provides the perfect venue for on-the-go communication to take place, regardless of where a customer is located or what device they are using to connect. When combined with traditional voice support, messaging can increase customer satisfaction, reduce hold times, and maximize customer conversions. For a business, messaging support can also increase employee satisfaction, as cobots and chatbots can be deployed to eliminate or streamline more tedious tasks associated with support.

Similar to social media support, messaging provides a direct connection to a support agent, and conversations take place on a web-based platform that allows for a private, one-on-one exchange. With many consumers preferring to communicate via text, messaging is steadily growing in popularity for customer service and is a strategic component of an omnichannel support approach. Unlike voice support, in which only one call can be handled at a time, messaging allows for greater concurrency while offering the same quality of support.

SYKES’ messaging solutions are built to serve businesses in creating exceptional customer experience across all support channels. Our expertise in intelligent automation (IA) helps us guide you in selecting the right messaging aspects for automation, while our top-tier agents offer empathetic and consistent support in real time.

With SYKES, agents can provide messaging support in 15+ languages, and support coverage is available up to 24 hours a day, depending on business needs. The availability of extended coverage allows customers to send and receive messages when it is convenient for them and ensures that support operations remain consistent regardless of time zone or location. SYKES’ messaging programs are fully equipped to support agents in handling everything from general troubleshooting concerns to more complex technical needs, giving customers the assurance that their issues will be resolved effectively and efficiently.