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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

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Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX)

An intelligent customer experience (ICX) creates a seamless and holistic customer journey by bringing support, marketing, and sales together. Many companies believe the buyer journey ends at the point of sale, and some may see it extending as far as a support resolution. However, failing to prioritize consistency across departments adds friction at each touchpoint — from discovery to repeat business. By applying a strategy that provides a unified brand story from the first online search through each interaction with a customer, a truly Intelligent CX results in fewer siloes, less redundancy, and a more streamlined path to their goal. And for the brand, ICX means consistent, accurate messaging across channels, and a more insightful understanding of their customers.

Intelligent CX not only removes friction from the journey for a better, more streamlined experience, it also creates more ways to buy and support. For instance, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies enable more advanced chatbots to guide customers to their goal, prompt agents to recommend appropriate product or service upgrades based on the customer’s past purchase behavior, and much more.

Removing friction from the customer journey improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) which help measure and predict customer behavior, including likelihood of upsell and return purchases, as well as their willingness to recommend your brand to others.

As customer data flows between touchpoints to remove friction from their journey, ICX analyzes customer effort to find the most efficient future path. With automation technologies, a properly trained workforce, and heightened customer engagement across preferred channels, companies that implement ICX remove redundancy, making employees’ jobs easier and customers’ experiences more positive. And happy customers result in lifetime loyalty and willingess to recommend that brand to others.

SYKES’ purpose statement of “helping people, one caring interaction at a time” drives us to provide the highest-quality customer interactions. It’s with that focus that we offer brands the opportunity to achieve a truly holistic customer experience, because at SYKES:
• We handle millions of calls and chats focused on sales, support, and retention every year
• We take phone and chat data to optimize marketing strategies, including SEO and PPC
• We aggregate data from successful interactions to replicate patterns for future customers
• We use FAQs and common issues to enhance self-service content
• We enhance our solutions through strategic partnerships and investments in automation technologies and other innovative offerings
• We have an advanced suite of solutions to serve customers at every touchpoint of the journey, from digital marketing to brand loyalty and advocacy

We begin by gathering an influx of data and map the customer journey to be as easy as possible. At each stage of that journey, we examine the customer’s objective, leading to a better understanding of their ultimate goal. At that point, we determine if personal interactions are beneficial; if not, AI-enabled chatbots and optimized self-service content removes yet another step from their journey. Finally, we collect and analyze the outcome data to improve future interactions.

SYKES’ family of brands allows our brand partners to choose which areas of the customer journey they are looking to optimize, all with the knowledge that they are able to deliver effortless customer experiences that foster long-term brand loyalty.