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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

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Intelligent Automation (IA)

Intelligent automation (IA) executes business processes automatically on behalf of human workers. But, unlike legacy systems that lack a human touch, IA mimics human capabilities and behavior, such as language, vision, and learning. This is accomplished through a strategic combination of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).

Going beyond simple process automation, IA technology can enable a warehouse robot to navigate a dynamic environment without getting stuck or lost just because it encounters an obstacle that isn’t normally there. When it comes to automated decision-making, a process enhanced with IA can make determinations by recognizing patterns in massive data sets, and apply logical next steps based on previous outcomes. In these and many other ways, IA not only takes over repetitive tasks for human workers, it also reduces operational costs, ensures compliance and quality, increases process speed, and improves customer and employee satisfaction.

At its core, IA is a subset of digital transformation that removes manual tasks from human agents’ day-to-days, leaving them to focus on the customer experience. By connecting automation technologies with human workforce capabilities, agents are provided with millions of data points at their fingertips, leading to a more insightful understanding of their customer’s journey.

IA works by analyzing human interactions and reproducing the ability to see, hear, understand, react, and more. Not only does this capability improve efficiency and effectiveness, it is more reliable, available 24/7, scalable to business needs, and more cost-effective than human agents fulfilling those same tasks. For companies embracing process automation, delegating tasks to IA makes for a more efficient, engaged workforce that can better focus on what really matters — helping people, one caring interaction at a time.

At SYKES, we have implemented state-of-the-art intelligent automation solutions in all areas of business:

  • Our IA Health Check offering benchmarks our brand partners’ automation initiatives across people, processes, technology, strategy, and governance to identify inefficiencies and recommend solutions.
  • We have the skill and experience to implement IA for businesses of any size. This includes delivering process maps, process definition documentation, solution design documentation, configured automation components, and, finally, live deployment.
  • Our holistic IA management suite includes ongoing software maintenance, troubleshooting, performance reports, and on-demand experts.
  • We offer both self-guided and instructor-led training for your employees, including business user training, support training, and technical training to ensure internal and external expertise.

By choosing to partner with SYKES, you will tap into our experience and insights as a global leader in scalable intelligent automation.