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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

Looking to learn a little more about what we do? We've compiled a comprehensive list of common BPO terms and definitions so you can stay in the know.

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience, also known as CX, is defined by the experiences a person has over the course of their journey with a product or service. Positive and negative customer interactions with a brand play a major role in CX, which can include a variety of customer service touchpoints. A great CX can help build an emotional bond with a brand throughout the buyer’s journey, from marketing to service and everything in between.

Customer experience has risen in importance as the customer’s expectations continue to evolve, making it a top-of-mind initiative for customer service leaders worldwide. With a CX strategy in place, customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of your business, and each interaction, no matter how small, carries significant value. Providing would-be customers with valuable resources, such as articles, blogs, or reviews, or engaging with them on social media, can help brands set the tone for a successful partnership. In creating a positive customer experience, brands should focus on developing a seamless journey that is customer-centric, rooted in data and continually optimized through continuous training, process automation, and commitment to quality.

Choosing a strategic partner can make all the difference in delivering exceptional customer experience. From highly trained agents to work-at-home technologies, SYKES’ support solutions are proven to deliver increased rates of customer satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle. As customer expectations have evolved, so too have our technologies, and with a breadth of capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), process automation, and insight analytics, we can ensure that your brand stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the most crucial component of CX: consistent and remarkable support.