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SYKES Business Process Outsourcing Glossary

Looking to learn a little more about what we do? We've compiled a comprehensive list of common BPO terms and definitions so you can stay in the know.

Customer Engagement

A critical component of customer experience (CX), customer engagement refers to a brand’s interactions with consumers throughout the purchase journey. From discovery to support, these interactions might include online chat, social media, email blasts, and more — all of which have the opportunity to influence the customer’s perception of the brand and overall experience.

With the prevalence of social media and other forums as brand contact points, customers have more opportunities than ever to engage directly with your brand. Studies have shown that even one negative interaction or experience with a brand can discourage a buyer from making future purchases, further proving the critical value of quality customer engagement throughout the buyer’s journey. Brands that make engagement a priority can expect higher rates of customer satisfaction, which builds loyal brand advocates for your product or service. By providing consistent, exemplary support in every interaction, on every platform, brands can ensure seamless customer engagement while anticipating and addressing pain points along the way.

With more than 20 years of experience providing customer engagement services in 23 countries and 40+ languages, SYKES is a trusted partner for global brands. Our solutions are highly customizable to fit an omnichannel approach and can include live chat, voice, email, social media, and other forms of support. Working with leading companies in technology, healthcare, financial services, and more, SYKES’ customer engagement solutions have helped improve customer satisfaction and facilitate intelligent customer experience (ICX) that builds loyalty and drives measurable business results.

From agent recruitment and training to process automation and insight analytics, the expertise we provide will help you develop customer engagement strategies that work for your business. Our capabilities have expanded to include the latest innovations in customer care, including intelligent routing, cloud-based service-delivery platforms, machine learning, data labeling, and more. Each SYKES offering exemplifies our commitment to providing quality customer care and the best in customer engagement services for your brand.