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SYKES Strives to Guarantee Continuity in Our Clients’ Businesses
Fact Sheet

SYKES Strives to Guarantee Continuity in Our Clients’ Businesses

An action plan resulted in a sustainable development scheme certified with the ISO 50001 standard.

The energy system that supports our operational processes has become fundamental to guaranteeing our ecosystem’s sustainability and the success of our clients’ businesses. Consequently, SYKES reaches efficiencies that translate into investment in new facilities, diversification of energy sources, and the strengthening of a corporate culture that deepens our employees’ environmental awareness.

Since 2018, we have developed an action plan that has resulted in the ISO 50001 standard certification, which has allowed the company to have a consolidated and efficient energy management system. It has also allowed us to grow our organization without posing a risk to the ecosystem. In short, we have achieved this because our objective is to make optimal use of energy to create an impact on the following aspects:

Environmental: Reduced C02 emissions by 67% from 2015 to 2019 and improved energy efficiency by 33%.
Social: Contribute to new generations’ energy security by diversifying regular consumption with renewable sources.
Economic: Improve operating costs through savings generated by reducing electricity consumption.

By obtaining ISO 50001 certification, SYKES guarantees a management system based on continuous improvement that constantly optimizes energy performance and infrastructure to support established goals. The Building Management System (BMS) is, in this sense, the tool that has allowed the consolidation of these achievements. This way, the
company controls and monitors the variables that affect energy performance. This innovative system integrates all business areas and physical spaces. Some of its main benefits are:

  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and solar energy production.
  • Predictability of potential failures.
  • Optimization of consumption through the incorporation of automated and intelligent processes.
  • Transparency regarding energy performance.

Managing energy consumption has resulted in a fundamental improvement in economic viability and increasingly important
ecosystem benefits. Through the ISO 50001 standard and with our environmental policy, we have created new paradigms:

  • Sustainable growth and expansion: From 2015 through 2019, the company’s workforce increased from 4,000 to 5,000 people, while energy consumption decreased from 21829 TJ to 16363 TJ in the same period.
  • With optimized processes and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we can provide our collaborators and partners with comfortable and safe spaces without additional energy use.

SYKES aims to be part of a sustainable ecosystem. We create the necessary spaces to transmit our values, ethics, and environmental responsibility by sharing our experience and knowledge with community stakeholders. Common objectives and making good use of natural resources are imperatives in an adverse context of climate change and global warming. SYKES recognizes our environment and time as great allies. Consequently, we value them in every energy project we undertake to generate positive impacts and contribute to business sustainability.

About the program owner: Guillermo Blanco is the administrative director of SYKES Costa Rica. He has formal studies in business and customs administration and certifications in building maintenance management and relevant ISO standards. Guillermo has more than 20 years of experience in the direction of buildings and equipment; he leads the initiatives related to energy efficiency and other ones related to global standards the company has adopted as part of its sustainability strategy in the environmental dimension.

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