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SYKES Acquires Global RPA Leader Symphony
Fact Sheet

SYKES Acquires Global RPA Leader Symphony

Welcome to a new era: Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SYKES)a multichannel demand generation and customer engagement services provider, has acquired an innovative market leader that will help propel intelligent customer experience forward and facilitate the mass adoption of robotics and automation technologies in all major markets.

Now part of the SYKES family, Symphony Ventures Limited is a global consulting, implementation and managed services firm specializing in Intelligent Automation (IA) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). The transaction continues a series of recent strategic acquisitions and partnerships that redefine SYKES as a company. While its suite of solutions previously focused on post-sales support, the portfolio now extends across the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing to sales to care. The acquisition of Symphony is the logical next step in this evolution, as the digitization and automation of business processes break down organization silos, allowing for an easier transfer of data and communication. From there, SYKES is better positioned to help clients create the best possible digital customer experience. 

 With Symphony, SYKES will begin supporting clients’ RPA and IA initiatives with a trusted global leader in designing, implementing and managing digital operations. Partners of SYKES can avoid the pitfalls of random acts of automation, leading them to integrate automation rationally into their organization in a way that optimizes value throughout the entire customer lifecycle and commerce value chain. Symphony’s services will now be supercharged, benefiting from SYKES’ massive global footprint, extensive services and the ability to scale to any level of service. 

 With this latest acquisition, SYKES is uniquely positioned to provide “intelligent customer experiences” to clients that differentiate the powerhouse from competitors, producing more meaningful interactions that increase brand loyalty for customers, drive revenue growth for their clients and improve the employee experience for agents.