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Carbon Neutrality: Creating Value by Thinking About the Future of Our Partners & the Planet
Fact Sheet

Carbon Neutrality: Creating Value by Thinking About the Future of Our Partners & the Planet

As environmental issues become more urgent, SYKES has the experience to generate revenue without compromising our ecosystem.

The consequences of climate change have become evident. Its effects not only threaten to undo — and even reverse — the achievements made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals, they also pose one of the most urgent challenges to achieving sustainable development for the international community and, consequently, for the businesses and ecosystems of our partners.

At SYKES, we recognize the importance of this global phenomenon, and in 2008, we launched a transformative initiative to measure, reduce, and compensate for our carbon footprint, through the development of three strategic actions:

• Diversify our energy sources and incorporate renewable resources
• Design our products and services under a triple bottom-line approach, which involves the culture, ecosystem, and profitability of our partners’ businesses
• Deepen our practices and behaviors in favor of the environment in our communities and for our collaborators

We Think Locally but Act Globally

To achieve our goal, we have committed ourselves at the institutional, organizational, and individual levels. Since 2014, SYKES has demonstrated our leadership in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) by being the first company in the sector to obtain carbon neutrality certification. Through the exchange of experiences in specialized forums, and the technical support we provide to other productive sectors, our company is positioned as a benchmark, both at a regional and a national level, in matters of decarbonization.

In this way, SYKES offers comfortable and efficient facilities thanks to the following investments:

• We have installed 576 solar panels, which cover the equivalent of 1,100 square meters.
• We have replaced our old lighting systems with energy-efficient LED lamps in all buildings.
• We have swapped out our HVAC systems and computer equipment for more efficient units.
• We have integrated intelligent systems that automatically shut down inactive equipment and use motion sensors to control illumination.

SYKES’ corporate culture is designed to authorize and train our employees to make decisions and take actions that represent environmentally friendly behaviors in their own practices.

Our experience shows that achieving carbon neutrality is feasible, affordable, and beneficial. For this reason, we will continue to deepen our actions, with the firm objective of guaranteeing growth and sustainability in line with the interests of our stakeholders and brand partners, for whom this issue is also of vital importance.

Our commitment to reducing GHG emissions has not only given us the trust of our collaborators and brand partners, it has also allowed us to merge our business model with the actions that our environment and future generations demand of us.

Achievements Obtained

• Since 2013, SYKES has reduced its CO2 emissions by 65%. In 2019, it decreased 570 tons of CO2 emissions, 32% compared to the previous year.
• Diversification of energy sources allowed the generation and consumption of 1.3 million kWh from renewable resources, equivalent to the energy needed for 5,400 homes during one month.
• Our non-renewable energy resources are made up of diesel, gasoline, and LP gas. We were able to decrease expenditure by 21,000 kWh in 2019, which capped five consecutive years of reducing energy consumption from non-renewable sources.

About the Program Owner

Guillermo Blanco is the administrative director of SYKES Costa Rica. He has formal studies in business and customs administration and certifications in building maintenance management and relevant ISO standards. Guillermo has more than 20 years of experience in the direction of buildings and equipment and leads initiatives related to energy efficiency and global standards the company has adopted as part of its environmental sustainability strategy.

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