A Virtual Customer Care Workforce
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A Virtual Customer Care Workforce

Ramp Up Fast When You Need It, Scale Back Easily When You Don’t

The virtual workforce is no longer a concept of the future or a growing trend: It’s a reality right now. Not only does the world’s top talent want flexibility — they expect it. Companies who are looking to deliver the highest level of customer care must be able to recruit the best talent, without being restricted to one geographic location. They also need the ability to increase customer capacity as demand spikes, without compromising quality.

As a 20-year pioneer in the virtual customer–care industry, SYKES has helped some of the world’s largest brands with SYKESHome – a revolutionary work-at-home solution powered by Alpine Access that drives growth and profitability through intelligent customer experience.

In this e-book, we’ll tell you how a work-at-home system can help you:

  • Hire the best, no matter where they are, and accelerate training
  • Gain access to secure around-the-clock care support
  • Scale your business whenever you need to
  • Deliver better customer service
  • Increase your profitability