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Evolving Partnership Helps Utilities Brand Optimize CX
Case Study

Evolving Partnership Helps Utilities Brand Optimize CX

Brand Partner

One of the most recognized and established financial institutions today, our partner boasts a network of 22,000 employees in nearly 100 countries around the world. With more than a century of experience, they provide corporations with integrated cash management, trade services and finance solutions.


Within the highly regulated financial industry, getting and maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is extremely costly and difficult to implement. The brand partner was looking for a PCI-compliant outsourcing partner that could handle payment processing and B2B payment assistance. Beyond cost-savings, they were also looking to create a more efficient and streamlined customer experience.

SYKES came on board in 2016 and implemented OneTEAM, our unique, cloud-based service delivery and workforce management platform. However, the brand partner was new to the inner workings of call center functionality and outsourcing was also relatively new territory for them. As with every new business partnership, we knew we would need to gain their confidence and trust by showing them how we could improve their customer experience.

Our Approach

SYKES launched Insight Analytics (IA), an in-depth, three-part study designed to evaluate the current customer call experience and identify areas of opportunity. The process entailed listening in on a sampling of calls and collecting data in the process. We recorded the length of each call, client satisfaction, and what issues, if any, made calls take longer than necessary. In addition, we transitioned to an entirely home-based workforce within the year, allowing us to recruit top customer service talent no matter where they lived in the U.S. This model also provides flexibility and scalability, enabling us to adjust staffing quickly to accommodate unanticipated call volume spikes and seasonal expectations.


Our IA study uncovered growth opportunities in both the customer service experience and the relationship between SYKES and the brand partner. After reestablishing the client’s expectations of our agents’ responsibilities, we were able to help resolve the issues within the customer journey. These roadblocks largely centered around the verification process for callers attempting to make payments, which often resulted in multiple transfers and a perceived increase in customer effort. To help lower the average handle time (AHT) and overall number of transfers, we adapted the training process and streamlined the verification-to-payment journey.

Ultimately, the transformation of our relationship with this brand — from an uncertain beginning to a productive, profitable partnership — enabled SYKES to optimize their outsourcing ROI. By conducting our IA study, being flexible with our solutions to better fit the brand’s needs and remaining committed to providing the best possible service to our clients and their customers, this brand partner has come to consider us more than just an “outsourcing partner.” The relationship has grown and we’re now a trusted advisor to the company, continuing to collaborate and grow as partners with the company and their clients in various industries.