Upsell Program Triples Revenue While Increasing Customer Satisfaction
Case Study

Upsell Program Triples Revenue While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Our Brand Partner

SYKES’ brand partner is a household name and global leader in whole-home wireless sound systems, manufacturing speakers, home theater setups and other related accessories and components. Their products are sold worldwide across thousands of retail locations and online, with tech support specialists available online and by phone.

Challenge Presented

Delivering a full-service customer experience at every level is a top priority for this brand. Our tech support specialists were doing an excellent job answering questions, recommending products and offering solutions. Through this, they saw an opportunity to capture sales right then and there instead of directing customers to retail locations to purchase. The brand realized that to deliver a more complete customer experience while simultaneously driving incremental revenue, its care specialists would need to learn how and when to sell strategically and with the customer’s best interests in mind.

Our Approach

In October 2016, SYKES implemented a cross-sell and upsell program — a proprietary six-step process specifically designed to develop customer care teams that exceed at both service and sales. First, our Insight Analytics team reviewed a cross-section of calls to identify top performance drivers and detractors. The team found that while 36 percent of calls warranted a sales opportunity, only a few calls were offered a sale, resulting in a conversion rate of six percent. Armed with key findings, SYKES began training a pilot group of care specialists. While many other organizations train agents to “upsell” at the end of a call, SYKES takes a consultative approach. Our goal is to make sales a natural part of the customer care experience by training agents to listen, ask the right highvalue questions, identify sales opportunities and offer customers the products they need in the moment.

Partnership Outcomes

This custom, subtle approach to selling at the point of service contact not only created value for customers, but also for our partner. By the end of January 2017 — just four months after launching the pilot program — 53 percent of qualified calls determined a sale to be the best customer solution. This “soft sell” technique tripled the brand’s conversion rate from six to 18 percent. By creating a strategic service and sales environment, customers were getting the solutions they needed more quickly, and the brand experienced a serious boost in incremental revenue.