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SYKES’ End-to-End Solution Helps a Travel-Booking Giant’s CX Soar
Case Study

SYKES’ End-to-End Solution Helps a Travel-Booking Giant’s CX Soar

Customer service in the travel industry requires a unique strategy — customers are making major purchase decisions, may be far from home and are at the mercy of transport delays and cancellations, among other high-stress circumstances. See how SYKES’ innovative suite of solutions elevated a brand’s customer experience, accounting for caller sentiment, issue urgency and significant volume changes during peak seasons.

Our Brand Partner

SYKES’ brand partner is one of the most recognized names in travel-booking sites, with an extensive brand portfolio that includes some of the world’s most trusted online travel brands. Users across the globe rely on this site to book flights, car rentals, hotel stays and entertainment experiences. They expect first-class customer service and support when they call customer care.

Challenge Presented

The brand needed a partner that could help them be a more customer-centric company by delivering an effortless customer experience. Additionally, they needed a customer service team that could maintain high-quality performance during peak seasons when call volume increases significantly.

They came to SYKES for an innovative, cost-effective solution that would allow their team to quickly ramp up for their upcoming peak season while taking the quality of customer service to new levels. They needed to recruit a team of customer service agents with the empathy and knowledge to handle both simple and complex issues with grace and professionalism, as customer interactions in the travel industry are typically high-stakes for the caller.

Travel Company Customer Service Case Study - SYKESOur Approach

To adequately prepare for peak season, SYKES knew we would need to begin ramping up in November. With that goal in mind, we based the program offshore in the Philippines and El Salvador, implementing a strategy that would improve our hiring, training and onboarding processes. We also extended the nesting period to accelerate the learning curve.

We identified the key competencies and characteristics required for an agent to be successful and brought in tenured team leads dedicated to screening candidate interviews, ensuring we would only bring on perfect-fit agents for this account. Over the course of implementation, we hired, onboarded and trained more than 720 agents to reach our target of 2,300 agents for the July peak. Each new agent underwent an extended nesting period plus additional coaching and training to make sure they were ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Our call center capabilities also allowed us to enable customer-journey monitoring and support and develop talent by providing the resources needed to reach their potential as quickly as possible.

Travel Call Center Case Study - SYKESPartnership Outcomes

Our brand partner chose to trust and invest in SYKES because of our experience and expertise. After seeing the power of SYKES’ end-to-end solutions in action at these two off-shore locations, our brand partner awarded us 14 new LOBs within our El Salvador site, and expanded operations to include sites in Romania, US and Canada.


Travel Company Customer Service Solutions - SYKES

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