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OneTEAM: Innovative Approach Increased Efficiency
Case Study

OneTEAM: Innovative Approach Increased Efficiency

Our Brand Partner

For more than 15 years, SYKES has partnered with a global leader in telecommunications, media and technology delivering advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions for people and businesses. As an innovator, they have led the communications industry through continual advancements.

Challenge Presented

Our team was tasked to improve overall efficiencies and reduce costs. The focus would be on lowering Average Handle Time (AHT). The current support model consisted of agents raising their hands for assistance, and supervisors walking the floor to provide answers. This traditional practice negatively affected the AHT. To meet objectives, the support model would need to change and still deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Our Solution

Our approach would create a centralized, chat-based help desk for the agents serving this LOB. It would be enabled through SYKES’ newest platform: OneTEAM. By employing agents specifically positioned to assist via OneTEAM rather than by walking the floor, SYKES could drive efficiency and reduce costs. To ensure a smooth transition, SYKES’ change-management expertise was leveraged. In mid-February 2017, planning began and awareness communications launched shortly after. Team Leads educated the teams to create willingness and excitement for the process shift. The support desk went live in early March 2017, and four site locations transitioned to OneTEAM in a 45-day period.

Partnership Outcomes

This OneTEAM-enabled solution dramatically reduced the costs associated with agent support and increased the speed of agents getting answers. Agents could quickly respond to customers, and over three months, the AHT decreased by 25 percent. Through improved tool resources and ongoing training, agents were empowered to handle calls in a more timely manner.

These advanced analytics helped SYKES identify commonly asked questions, which helped agents access those answers more quickly, and allowed us to advise our brand partner regarding improvements across their consumer-experience elements. This impact was well-received by our partner and the customers. During this same timeframe, the Net Rep Sat (NRS) — defined as a customer’s service rating of an agent — trended upward from 57 to 62 percent.

Our brand partner appreciated SYKES’ innovative solution and quick activation as reflected through their feedback in our Voice of the Client survey.

Supporting VOC Quote:

“The SYKES team is willing to explore alternative solutions. The team will weigh all of their options and own the execution of their plan through and through.”