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SYKES Technology Spurs Unprecedented Cost-Savings During Seasonal Ramps
Case Study

SYKES Technology Spurs Unprecedented Cost-Savings During Seasonal Ramps

Ramping Up for Seasonal Demand With SYKES

A digital entertainment brand needed to ramp up quickly to meet peaks in seasonal demand. Learn how SYKES helped build a custom solution that led to cost savings and better CX.

SYKES Technologies Are Built for Seasonal Success

Learn how a leading interactive and digital entertainment brand partnered with SYKES to scale up customer support during peak seasons — and how they achieved significant cost savings along the way.

The Goals

The brand needed to fill certain support gaps for their customers in Europe while keeping costs in line during ramp-up. SYKES was employed to:

Quickly and effectively:
sykes iconHire
sykes iconOnboard
sykes iconTrain
Customer support agents in:
sykes icon

2 European countries

sykes icon

2 large customer
care centers

sykes icon

12 languages

The Approach

To help our brand partner meet their goals, we implemented these SYKES solutions:

sykes icon

SYKES OneTEAM: Our cloud-based workforce management platform allows every agent and team lead to train, work, and communicate within the same system.

sykes icon

SYKESHome: Our established work-at-home model provides access to top talent from anywhere in the world and the opportunity to target candidates with specific skills.

The Results

With SYKES solutions in place, our brand partner experienced these exceptional results:

sykes icon

Cost-savings as a result of reduced headcount needs for floor support team members

sykes icon

Hold time decreased by an average of 20–30 seconds

sykes icon

Average handle time (AHT) decreased drastically from the previous year

sykes icon

100 new home-based agents onboarded across Germany and the U.K.