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SYKESHome Transformed Healthcare Partner’s Approach to Customer Care
Case Study

SYKESHome Transformed Healthcare Partner’s Approach to Customer Care

Our Brand Partner

This brand partner, a nationally recognized nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with nearly 38 million members, is an advocate for Americans age 50+ and studies new products and services to ensure quality. Beyond helpful tips, recommendations, and product reviews, the organization also helps its consumer base navigate the complex world of healthcare through ongoing education and unparalleled customer service.

In fact, the brand is so committed to its customer service efforts that they leverage multiple companies to handle customer service — so customers are always covered in the event of an outage. SYKES has been a pivotal partner since 2011, helping the brand adapt quickly to the changing healthcare landscape.

Challenge Presented

The brand needed a partner to focus on member acquisition support — one that would enable them to ramp up quickly during peak seasons, such as tax season or during Medicare enrollment periods.

Our Approach

Based on our years of experience and innovation with work-at-home customer service models, we recommended leveraging the SYKESHome solution, which provides flexibility for seasonal peaks and targeted, need-based hiring for agents with the right skill sets. Though the brand partner was initially hesitant to transition to an entirely home-based model, trust and confidence were established early on. SYKES quickly and successfully implemented SYKESHome — recruiting, hiring and training a team of entirely home-based agents.

Partnership Outcomes

Today, SYKES has 350+ home-based agents dedicated to this account. Our workforce regularly outperforms other vendors — shaving up to 52 seconds off average handle time. Through our commitment to crafting intelligent customer experiences, one caring interaction at a time, SYKES became the gold standard against which all other partners were measured. As the brand evolved and our scorecard performance continued to outshine other vendors, the brand has entrusted more of their customer care responsibilities to SYKES, often as much as the maximum possible split of 70%.

Our current service responsibilities include:

  • Membership acquisition
  • Website troubleshooting
  • Seasonal hiring ramp-ups during tax season and Medicare enrollment
  • Special campaign promotions
  • Event registration
  • Customer service process implementation
  • Digital customer service and support (web-based chat and social media)

Continued Partnership, New Opportunities

Eventually, SYKES was able to expand the partnership to include social media support. Our SYKESHome digital agent team tackles Tier 2 queries in tandem with an internal brand partner team managing Tier 1 support. At launch, channels included Facebook and Messenger and eventually expanded to Twitter. Bilingual support in English and Spanish is available for these support channels seven days a week. In August 2018, the team received a national award recognizing our delivery of best-in-class social media customer service.

Recently, SYKES also worked with the brand partner to reevaluate their training process and implement a pilot program that better accommodates the volume of new materials being added to the curriculum. The pilot program leveraged SYKES TalentSprout and was so well-received that the brand is adopting TalentSprout for all agent training — for SYKESHome agents and those affiliated with any other vendor on the account.

This collaboration has evolved into a true partnership, with the brand continuously trusting SYKES with new areas of its business.