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Staying the Course While Others Divert
Case Study

Staying the Course While Others Divert

Staying the Course While Others Divert

The immediate and unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has touched nearly every corner of the world. For countless businesses, it meant quickly adjusting plans-in-progress to avoid scrapping them altogether.

For one SYKES brand partner in Barranquilla, Colombia, quick action and an established business-continuity plan meant staying the course, even while other companies were forced to take a step back.


In February 2020, SYKES’ brand partner was in the midst of a highly complex and aggressive ramp plan. With two other business launches in tow, the company looked forward to a large boost in scale. However, due to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the brand partner looked to SYKES to move its workforce to work-at-home operations while meeting its recruitment, training, and production demands.


In a remarkable showcase of expediency and collaboration, SYKES leadership, our IT team, and our brand partner moved quickly after Colombia’s COVID-19 announcement. Within five days, 97% of the workforce and training classes were remote-based. Not stopping there, SYKES facilitated a virtual “Train the Trainer” program, laying an additional foundation of maintaining our brand partner’s high standards of excellence.

SYKES’ ability to spearhead this work-at-home model in the face of COVID-19 has been positively received. In fact, the switch was so seamless that our brand partner will maintain virtual hiring and training throughout the summer, with the goal to permanently transition a portion of the SYKES workforce to virtual offices after the pandemic has eased. Thanks to vigorous, all-around efforts, we have maintained outstanding care for our brand partners’ customers while prioritizing employee health.

When unexpected events catch others off-guard, SYKES leans on its experience and history of success to keep things on course, even in the face of unfathomable circumstances. For our brand partner, SYKES worked tirelessly to go above and beyond, simultaneously building deeper trust and proving the power in its decision to partner with SYKES. Success is never achieved alone, and our Colombia team has pulled out all the stops to support this client launch successfully. Learn more about what SYKES can do for your business, even in the face of adversity.