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Redesigned Self-Serve Content Improves CX for Education Provider
Case Study

Redesigned Self-Serve Content Improves CX for Education Provider

Our Brand Partner

A leader in education courseware, this company boasts 35,000+ employees in more than 70 countries to provide a range of educational products and services to institutions, governments and individual learners. They help people everywhere fulfill their true potential through their teaching and learning services — all powered by technology.

Challenge Presented

During the “Back to School” season there is an increase in customer care needs as students and teachers engage with online education tools. The support site in place consisted of static, text-heavy content that was hard to understand. Customers couldn’t self-serve and became dependent on call center support. This resulted in a five percent resolution rate and a high volume of high-cost support calls. Just a few weeks before the busy fall online–enrollment period, SYKES was tasked with improving the online content journey for the top four call drivers:

Digital Self Serve Content for Education Provider - SYKES

Our Approach

SYKES created troubleshooters based on these top scenarios. Each path guided customers to their specific situation and then provided solutions through new, interactive tutorials. Success was measured by an increased resolution rate and a decreased call volume. Key factors including content, overall content flow and SEO strategy were evaluated to deliver continuous improvements
on a weekly basis.

Partnership Outcomes

SYKES responded to the challenge with an end-to-end solution and strategic partnership mindset. The results speak for themselves: while traffic to the self-serve content remained the same as the previous year, call volume decreased by more than 50 percent to 58,000 interactions. More users were able to resolve their own issues online, eliminating the need to call for additional help. The resolution rate increased to 53 percent — performing nine times better in just three weeks! SYKES delivered an efficient solution and an intelligent customer experience all within a few short weeks.


Education Company Self-Service Content Case Study - SYKES