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How A Leading Smart Home Company Increased CSAT
Case Study

How A Leading Smart Home Company Increased CSAT

Home security remains at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and with the prevalence of connected devices, it’s become easier than ever to protect your home or business with a simple click or voice command. As connected device companies grow, they need to ramp up operations quickly while maintaining an excellent customer experience that takes the complexities of connected devices into consideration. For manufacturers of these devices, providing intuitive sales solutions and customer support is just as crucial as the intuitive technologies that power their products.

Internet of Things Brand Partner

As a leader in the smart home and security space — a sector of the Internet of Things (IoT) — this nationally recognized brand offers state-of-the-art technology that allows customers to self-install security systems that monitor home or business activity.

With home security products available in the U.S. and Europe, this industry disrupter has provided ongoing protection to more than 2 million homes and businesses. A brand partner since 2018, SYKES supports the company’s robust operations with customer service, technical support, and sales and marketing solutions.

Customer Service Challenge

The brand needed a partner with proven expertise in the IoT connected device business. The partner needed to develop innovative solutions for customer service and sales that would enable the brand to scale support operations for their rapidly growing business. They also hoped to diversify the locations of their call centers, which would allow agents to provide exceptional and consistent support regardless of events such as severe weather or unexpected peaks in customer demand.

SYKES Solution

With our experience in providing support to over 20 major connected device brands globally, SYKES offered the innovation and solutions needed to help our brand partner grow their business while improving their customer experience.

Using a combination of SYKES services and solutions, the brand quickly got their operations up to speed, facilitating the growth and improvement of their customer service, sales and technical support. With SYKES’ guidance, the brand added two geographically diverse call center locations in the U.S.; site support in the U.K.; and most recently, additional work-at-home agents across the globe. Throughout their partnership with SYKES, the brand has steadily increased customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

SYKES’ wide range of solutions has empowered the brand to make significant improvements to its customer experience through:

  • Reimagined onboarding training that allows for faster speed to proficiency
  • Rapid onboarding of work-at-home agents using our proprietary remote management platform
  • A new connected sales channel, which provided conversion-focused marketing content and an expert sales staff
  • Enhanced quality monitoring for customer service operations

Partnership Outcomes

At the start of 2020, we worked with the brand partner on optimizing their customer service experience. When COVID-19 forced many businesses to move to work-at-home operations, SYKES drew upon our decades of experience in enabling agents to work remotely.

Connected devices require connected support. When connected devices play a role in something as significant as home security, intuitive support for complicated queries becomes essential. By giving customers a clear path to issue resolution through options like self-service online content and social media–based customer care, IoT companies can streamline support before a customer ever picks up the phone.

SYKES will continue to accelerate growth for our brand partner through future initiatives like care content optimization, a complete redesign of training curriculum and content development, and ongoing social media advancements.