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Leading Healthcare Manufacturer Enjoys Better Performance Efficiencies
Case Study

Leading Healthcare Manufacturer Enjoys Better Performance Efficiencies

Our Brand Partner

A leading healthcare technology manufacturer, our partner was on the precipice of launching an automated peritoneal-dialysis product — and preparing to offer increased technical support and advice to customers using it for the first time. They needed support that could easily scale with demand, but also highly specialized support to deliver timely and knowledgeable advice to patients learning more about the device.

Challenge Presented

During a new product introduction, medical device manufacturers must focus not only on delivering a seamless patient experience, but also on increasing service efficiency and driving down costs. To achieve a streamlined launch for this partner, SYKES optimized the operational delivery model and hired experienced healthcare professionals to increase product adoption and service reliability.

Our Approach

To enhance the experience and reduce costs, SYKES and the brand partner worked together to maximize resource allocation and tailor key processes that would allow for continuous improvement. A feedback loop was implemented between the brand partner and recruitment, training, quality, and account management teams — resulting in several program enhancements over the first few months.

Partnership Outcomes

The feedback loop enabled SYKES to:

  • Create custom curriculum targeting top contact drivers, device swaps, and job aides for the patient management system
  • Shorten new-hire training time
  • Improve speed to proficiency for each new-hire class
  • Incorporate consistent one-on-one coaching opportunities
  • Leverage a shared resource for quality monitoring and assurance
  • Better utilize a blend of Tier 1 agents and LPNs to handle escalations
  • Leverage nurses’ specialized skill sets to accurately code complaints and diagnose user error

With LPNs on staff, our team could proactively address concerns raised by nurses who were using the brand partner’s product for the first time. Outbound calls to clinicians struggling to troubleshoot on their own helped resolve technical issues, which effectively increased product adoption and end-user satisfaction.

Leading Healthcare Manufacturer Enjoys Better Performance Efficiencies

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