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SYKES Improves Customer & Agent Experience for a Major Business Tech Brand
Case Study

SYKES Improves Customer & Agent Experience for a Major Business Tech Brand

Businesses seeking high-tech services like networking solutions have a lot to consider before purchasing, and they will often contact customer service with questions. These interactions are important touchpoints in the customer journey, and providing timely, relevant information is key to winning that customer’s business. Read on to find out how SYKES helped a 34-year-old tech services brand improve the process that helps their pre-sale support specialists provide the right answers in these critical moments.

Brand Partner

Our brand partner is a multinational networking technology conglomerate based in the United States. Founded in 1985, and with more than 74,000 employees worldwide, they provide networking solutions, telecommunications equipment and other high-tech services/products to businesses around the world. The brand’s partnership with SYKES began in 2002, ramping 14 FTEs to provide tech support and growing to the current program of more than 900 employees in five sites around the world.

Throughout the evolution of this account, SYKES worked with the partner to create a technical academy in Costa Rica that would enable employees to develop strong technical skills and complete industry-level certifications. Launched in 2006, SYKES Technical Academy currently serves more than 550 simultaneous students and achieves an 82 percent graduation rate, on average. This resource produces a larger local talent pool of candidates with the necessary skills to succeed in a tech support role.


When handling sales-based customer interactions, our brand’s sales specialists could consult with pre-sales tech support via an email. However, specialists were reluctant to use this system since requests landed in a queue with multiple other requests, resulting in long wait times for answers that they considered to be too generic.

The brand looked to SYKES to re-evaluate the pre-sales tech support process and develop a system that was more user friendly and effective.

Our Approach

Using senior technical specialists and the brand’s advanced technology innovations, SYKES built a new “concierge support model” that would more effectively serve sales specialists. We incorporated this concierge system directly into the brand’s operating platform, enabling sales specialists to contact support personnel directly via dedicated chat rooms and transition to another preferred channel as necessary.

To address the issues surrounding the quality of support, SYKES recruited and redistributed senior support specialists based on expertise, business maturity and their ability to support multiple technologies. We also set up the system to categorize issues more effectively, ensuring they are routed to the appropriate specialist and prioritized accordingly to satisfy escalation processes.

  • Good innovative approaches coming from this location as far as how to run Concierge and how to enable the team for growth.
  • Strong technical competency, business partnership, willingness to be creative and flexible to meet our
    requirements for service delivery.