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SYKES Guides Client Into Global Social Media Customer-Care Arena
Case Study

SYKES Guides Client Into Global Social Media Customer-Care Arena

Our Brand Partner

The client is a global leader of information and communication technology solutions, including telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices. Established in the 1980s and headquartered in China, this is one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world, with almost $50 billion revenue in 2014.

Challenge Presented

The client’s core values are rooted in a “customer-first” philosophy — the company continuously strives to create long-term value by responding to customer needs. This requires that avenues of support are clearly communicated to the consumer, and that the company actively listens, responds to and analyzes the information acquired.

With customers in 170 countries and regions, establishing a multi-lingual customer support solution — one that would help address the increasing amount of feedback shared through social media networks — would also serve a primary business requirement.

The company already had marketing-agency support in place for brand engagement queries, and some high-level analytics, such as overall conversation volume. What they needed, however, was an experienced team who could handle advanced technical questions, complaints and issues, and provide actionable insights from the data while working cohesively with agency partners.

Our Approach

SYKES launched a social media customer support program for the brand partner in March 2015, with operations based in the SYKES Budapest location. Originally, the program was intended to service social media mentions in English and Polish, with a team of five agents and one analyst. Since launch, the team has evolved and scaled to include more than 30 social media agents. Monitoring and analysis is now conducted for 23 countries covering 40+ languages, and social media customer– care response serves 19 countries in 16 languages. Coverage is provided eight to nine hours daily, five days a week, with plans to extend operating hours in the near future. Regions served include Middle Asia; the Nordics; and Central, Eastern and Western Europe — with operations in Cluj, Romania.

SYKES agents respond to support posts and complaints across multiple platforms, identify and engage with “super-users,” and extend invitations for product/software beta–testing groups and special events.

Partnership Outcomes

SYKES analysts examine customer experience, product feedback, and competitor insights to help inform research and development. They also evaluate the social care–support team’s performance and offer recommendations to improve customer service perceptions and standards. Weekly reporting to the brand partner includes the following:


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