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SYKES’ End-to-End Talent Development Drives Customer Lifetime Value
Case Study

SYKES’ End-to-End Talent Development Drives Customer Lifetime Value

SYKES works hard to ensure our employees have the training and development needed to optimize your overall customer experience.

Global Talent Services is our proprietary learning development program. The unique, learner-led model is specifically geared to today’s adult learner — using tailored content and advanced learning modules that drive employee empowerment and shorten the learning curve.

These end-to-end talent development services are built on three pillars: people, content and environment. We’ve specialized our training services, resulting in a proven track record that shows our ability to increase performance outcomes, lower classroom attrition and accelerate speed to competency across various industries.

Building Virtual Training From the Ground Up

  • Business Challenge: Our Fortune 150 financial services partner needed a virtual training solution that would expand their existing brick-and-mortar footprint.
  • Our Approach: In four short months, SYKES designed, developed and launched a new four-week, work-at-home (WAH) training program. This was delivered using a learn-by-doing approach that instructed, engaged and excited trainees.
  • Partnership Outcomes: Not only did the new WAH program exceed eight of the nine target metrics by an average increase of nearly four percent, but it performed as well as or better than the existing brick-and-mortar program.

Greater Flexibility Returns Greater Results

  • Business Challenge: Our Fortune 150 financial services partner launched a new customer care site and needed to ramp 170 new agents at once from only two 24 student–capacity classrooms.
  • Our Approach: Since all training needed to be completed concurrently, a reimagined virtual curriculum was developed. This allowed agents to join in from their desks on the production floor.
  • Partnership Outcomes: The one-and-done virtual training approach led this new site to be the highest-performing of the nine established sites in both CSAT and NPS. In fact, the NPS score was nearly 10 percent higher than the goal.

High-Fives for Hands-On Simulator Training

  • Business Challenge: New hires for our Fortune 10 financial services partner were experiencing longer average handle times (AHT) due to a delayed introduction to the CRM tool in production.
  • Our Approach: SYKES created a robust CRM simulation tool that gave new agents hands-on experience through high-fidelity system simulations, as well as agent and customer conversational scripts. Agents could apply their learnings with real responses and gauge competency through real-time agent coaching and scoring.
  • Partnership Outcome: The simulator tool was designed with such detail accuracy that agents could easily transition to the live system. The addition of the simulator to the training reduced AHT by 72 seconds — a 28 percent improvement in only six months.

Active Learning Leads the Way

  • Business Challenge: Realizing a need to improve performance, our client asked SYKES to analyze their current training program and make recommendations.
  • Our Approach: Our partner’s operational training staff attended workshops designed to transform the onboarding process from an instructor-led model to a learner-led curriculum. Once certified, a pilot program was launched and 11 new-hire classes were trained using this innovative approach.
  • Partnership Outcomes: Agent production was tracked for two weeks post-training and results showed that agents from these workshops outperformed their peers on KPIs. Within the first week, CSAT was 10 percent higher and FCR increased by nine percent.

Increase Performance With the Full Solution

  • Business Challenge: A leading U.S. marketing-solutions company needed to improve their training curriculum.
  • Our Approach: A reimagined curriculum was developed as a first step. To further enhance outcomes, the training staff completed specialized workshops demonstrating how to implement a learner-led classroom approach.
  • Partnership Outcomes: This full-solution approach proved successful. The reimagined curriculum taught by these newly specialized trainers significantly outperformed the legacy curriculum — training time was reduced by nearly 50 percent!

Properly engaging customers paves the way for a positive brand experience. How brands communicate with customers is more important than ever to increasing lifetime value. With considerable experience and an extensive portfolio, our learning programs deliver a proven array of benefits, making SYKES the best partner for your training strategies and solutions that create long-term loyalty.