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SYKES’ Self-Service Technology Improves CX for Electronics Brand
Case Study

SYKES’ Self-Service Technology Improves CX for Electronics Brand

Customer service isn’t always a straightforward user-to-agent interaction. Sometimes the person seeking support isn’t the primary user of the product, but instead are calling on behalf of the user. This presents unique challenges: such callers are often unfamiliar with the product and related terminology, and troubleshooting can be difficult if the caller doesn’t know if/when a problem is fixed. Find out how SYKES helped educate the parents of one brand partner’s users, giving them the confidence and tools to resolve issues on their own.

Brand partner

Our brand partner is a worldwide household name in entertainment, technology and consumer electronics. Over the past several years, SYKES has helped them grow a large and agile knowledge base that helps customer service agents solve complex customer issues. Drawing on this previous successful experience with SYKES, the brand turned to us for a solution to a unique challenge they were experiencing.


Together, SYKES and the brand discovered that at least half of the people who called in for product support weren’t users — they were parents of younger users. Because these callers were unfamiliar with the technology and user interface, issues that required technical troubleshooting were taking longer to resolve and driving up costs. Our brand partner needed a more efficient way to educate parents on the basics and gave us the opportunity to introduce a supplemental support strategy.

Our approach

Recognizing that today’s parents are likely to head to the web for answers before picking up the phone, SYKES reviewed the brand’s available online content. Not only were those resources difficult to find, but they weren’t robust, useful or simple enough to use. So, we analyzed call data and web search terms and organized a panel made up of parents to gain deeper insights.

Self-Service Software Application - SYKES
From these findings, SYKES developed an online customer self-service portal especially for parents that focused solely on six top support issues. It includes interactive tutorials, infographics, videos and a unique support phone number for each of the six issues. A weekly optimization cycle leverages agent feedback, advanced SEO, and online behavior analyses to continually improve the findability and effectiveness of content.


SYKES’ advanced SEO strategy boosted the parental microsite to dominate the first page of search results. This achievement is essential to ensuring content is visible and accessible, as 75 percent of people don’t look beyond the first page of results when searching. Within three months, average handle time (AHT) had improved, indicating that more customers were finding what they needed online to either fix issues themselves or ask agents better questions. The effectiveness of this step toward a more intelligent customer experience (ICX) was also proven by a significant increase of net promoter score (NPS) among parents after implementation.

Digital Self-Service Technology Case Study - SYKES
By identifying the unique needs of a specific caller demographic, SYKES was able to provide and improve content that educated those customers. This meant that these callers were now better prepared to communicate issues and troubleshoot effectively. Our solution successfully leveraged self-service technology to improve the customer experience by empowering parents to become their own experts on the products their children use every day.