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SYKES’ Innovation Brings Customer Requests Management to a New Level
Case Study

SYKES’ Innovation Brings Customer Requests Management to a New Level

Efficiently Handling Urgent Requests Under Continuously Changing Environments

It is not a secret that superior long-term profitability comes from continued reinvention toward differentiation. Therefore, we have been working hard with passion and technology, hand in hand with our partners, to simplify complex processes and achieve superior benefits to provide excellent functionality, convenient service, and a great user experience. Identifying innovation areas through internal processes gives our customers faster and more practical solutions.

Our Brand Partner

For a few years now, we have been working together with a brand partner known globally for their exceptional networking hardware and technical support, with an excellent software and IT services offer. This partnership has allowed SYKES to develop improvement processes to provide our collaborators with new skills and tools that result in excellent customer communication, taking our partner results to the next level with the end-client.

The Challenge

Our collaborators were wasting precious time before being able to respond to an urgent customer

request. We found that they had to go through each individual email among the hundreds they receive in just one day, to check little details such as case, country, and workgroup, along with corporate records from different sources in an effort to send accurate response to customers. All of these affected the speed of response to customers’ urgent requests.

Our Approach

SYKES took our customer’s methodology and mixed multiple processes in a single, simple, and yet complete solution that guarantees collaborators fulfill the customer’s requirements on time while allowing them to focus on what matters the most, the customer experience. It was implemented by integrating simple transactions and different sources in one tool, allowing each collaborator to focus on in-depth troubleshooting and providing customers with a faster and more comfortable experience.


  • 100% track of urgent emails
  • A detailed report of each urgent email interaction
  • Easier transactions and better training based on insights
  • Reduction of 2 minutes 36 seconds in collaborators’ average response per email

All data is pre-processed and organized conveniently, allowing agents to quickly identify the case and reply with a single click.

Client-Improved Metrics

The tool allowed:

  • 50% drop in the amount of customer satisfaction LOW SCORES
  • Improvement of 13% in the CXSAT results
  • Escalations dropped 50%


We provide customer contact management solutions to global leaders. Our end-to-end service platform engages your customers at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle, starting from digital marketing and acquisition to customer support, technical support, upsell, cross-sell, and retention.