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SYKES DataMart: Data Integration Enabling Operational Excellence
Case Study

SYKES DataMart: Data Integration Enabling Operational Excellence

Many companies that consult with us on personalized engagement solutions require that our recommendations integrate with their current operating tools or platforms that are essential to the business. SYKES strives to accommodate these requirements to ensure excellent delivery of service.

Scenario & Innovation Analysis

The embedding on our client’s service platforms, mainly the ones that allowed integration, were a challenge to operational excellence: Our analysts needed to check data in several systems to guarantee the performance management of our client’s operations. The members of the team spent a great deal of their time extracting reports manually from several types of systems so they could establish the information in electronic sheets and insert them in the dashboards, where we store valuable information that enables performance management implementation. The analysis of this process has become a study subject for the analyst team on the SYKES DataMart Project.

SYKES DataMart

The SYKES DataMart Project is great solution that uses a database to integrate several systems through ETL processes (extract, transform, load) to guarantee the data and information quality in the client’s whole operation. Each ETL process design is oriented by the system that you want it to obtain data from. We assess the usage of each resource to extract IPAs, OBDC, and PRAs to define the format, standard, and cleaning of this data so it can be stored in its respected DataMarts. Once this data is stored, it’s available to consult and integrate among other analyzing tools and DataMarts.


Simple solutions can create great benefits in our clients’ operational performance management. The information is quickly converted into high-precision actions, allowing our analysts to dedicate their energy to more complex jobs that employ their skills. This allows us to be proactive and work toward excellence.

About the author:  

Marcelo Conselvan is operational excellence manager for SYKES Brazil. He graduated from Tuiutí University of Paraná with a degree in aviation sciences. Marcelo is also a mechatronics technician with a post-graduate degree in project management and is currently majoring in information systems. Passionate about aviation, automotive sciences, and nature, he participated in the creation of the SYKES DataMart Project, which was exported to all SYKES operations in Latin America in 2018.

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