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SYKES Customer Care Accelerates Revenue for a Communications Partner
Case Study

SYKES Customer Care Accelerates Revenue for a Communications Partner

Our Brand Partner

Our brand partner provides voice, data and video services to residential, business and wholesale customers in the United States. In addition to local and long-distance telephone service, the company offers wireless Internet access, satellite-dish TV, fiber-optic Internet/television and computer technical support to customers in a majority of states. The brand partner has been expanding regularly since 1993, but faced a complex rollout due to a significant 2015 acquisition that doubled its size. The new businesses include approximately three million voice connections, two million broadband connections and one million video subscribers.

Challenge Presented

With millions of new subscribers to service quickly, our brand partner turned to external resources for assistance. The company wanted to drive revenue by familiarizing subscribers with available service options and upgrades suitable for their needs, while also creating a positive first impression within the customer support experience. During the implementation, we found that the original number of agents needed was underestimated, and with that, the timeframe for recruiting and training was scaled back to only 60 days. The challenge: training an overwhelmed staff within a compressed timeframe to effectively perform in both a customer focused service and sales environment.

Our Approach

To mitigate the training headwinds while enhancing the bottom line, we recommended our brand partner implement SYKES’ proprietary sales-revenue accelerator. The three-pronged system identifies sales opportunities in the service environment, uses active listening and effective discovery, and positions sales from the customer’s perspective. By utilizing this cross-sell and upsell approach, our brand partner could readily transition service-only agents into an effective sales/ service environment.

Our approach starts with an analytics and environmental assessment that allows us to customize our approach based on the client’s specific needs. This ensures we focus on the correct levers that will drive the proper sales behaviors and lead to a better customer experience

Our custom solution included creating custom client-specific training designed with selling in a service environment in mind. We also introduced new sales leadership roles to ensure this critical metric was continually driven, holding specific training and a Sales Leadership summit to drive consistency.

Introducing sales into a customer service environment required aligning the call and the account, while positively resolving the original nature of the call, and finally, selling into the account. We used sales analytics to prioritize needs, customize material and measure success.

The implementation plan included digestible training modules, effective coaching and environmental support to successfully capture additional value. Implementation occurred at all four of our brick-and-mortar call-center locations with an eventual buildout of 1,500 agents.

Partnership Outcomes

  • Boosted productivity as revenue generated per agent climbed nearly 600% in seven short months
  • Increased total revenue during the seven-month period by 744%
  • Delivered sales opportunities for our brand partner during a complex rollout that doubled the company’s size
  • Accurately measured customer needs and matched them with company products and services
  • Created an exceptional customer experience from an adequate one
  • Captured additional value for the client on every call

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