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People & Data Intelligence Create Powerful Digital Transformations
Case Study

People & Data Intelligence Create Powerful Digital Transformations

Our Brand Partner

In the skin care, cosmetics and spa services industry, our partner is a disruptor with its creative approach to personalized beauty solutions. By offering innovative beauty products, a truly unique shopping experience, unparalleled technical product knowledge, expert advice and friendly service, this brand continues to lead the competition by continually increasing customer lifetime value.

Challenge Presented

Our partner had grown their business in-store but as the market shifted, they needed to revamp their online experience. Their website was not part of the sales, appointment scheduling or customer care journey, which resulted in little to no support in growing the business. In fact, sales transactions could only be completed in-store, while customer care and reservations were mainly only available through support calls. The high-end products and services they offer means transactions are more like a curated experience than a simple retail purchase. This same approach needed to come to life online to create customer interest while bridging the gap between sales and customer care.

Our Approach

To solve the problems created by this fragmented journey, XSELL, a strategic partner of SYKES, implemented a full-service customer care plan that would allow sales, support and appointment scheduling to function seamlessly across all channels. By capturing the customer’s online journey, algorithms could be developed to create a more personalized experience. Highly-trained agents were put in place to serve as product specialists to help match the appropriate agent persona to the customer persona; thus creating the single, most effective ambassador. Through this combination of people and data-intelligence, customers would be easily guided to their best next step and our partner’s online experience would skyrocket the business.

Partnership Outcomes

XSELL’s approach was critical in helping deliver the results. Our partner saw an increase in total net revenue influenced through online sales — 45 percent of which were driven through our augmentation approach! Though there wasn’t a stated goal, this full-service approach also generated $500K in incremental revenue through the easy-to-reserve spa appointment–booking functionality. Improvement was also evident in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for customer chat, which increased from 48 to 94 percent.


XSELL Technologies was founded on the concept that every customer interaction should be with your best brand ambassador. Through powerful artificial intelligence capabilities, XSELL puts this goal within reach — bringing personalized digital conversations to life, building brand loyalty and driving revenue.

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