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Automated Intelligence Creates Upsell Opportunities
Case Study

Automated Intelligence Creates Upsell Opportunities

Our Brand Partner

For 60 years, this privately owned furniture company has helped customers turn their houses into homes. The company continues to lead the industry with numerous brick-and-mortar locations and online distribution centers across the United States.

Challenge Presented

Our partner was in the initial stages of their online retail strategy and implementation. The website was not searchable and difficult to navigate. To resolve online issues, customers had to seek care by calling a help line. One major concern was there being a disconnect between online and in-store synergies. This led to low inventory supply chains and incorrect shipping timelines. Customer satisfaction and sales were decreasing and a solid solution was needed.

Our Approach

To solve the issue of a disconnected experience, XSELL, a strategic partner of SYKES, mapped out a new customer care approach and strategic sales solutions through both voice and online chat interactions. The website was overhauled to deliver a visually pleasing and easy-to-use design; and site analytics were applied to deliver results allowing for real-time optimizations. This enabled the launch of a personalization engine to customize the user experience and enact proactive chat based on users’ search and browse behaviors. Through discovery sessions, agents could personalize a recommendation and provide the customer with the next logical step. With people and data-intelligence in place, our teams could identify common themes and develop dialogue plans for future chats.

Partnership Outcomes

XSELL’s approach was critical in helping deliver the results. Our partner saw an 81 percent increase in online sales. As a bonus, the chat and voice capabilities allowed for upsell opportunities, increasing warranty sales by 62 percent! Our partner also saw dramatic improvements in overall customer satisfaction with a positive rating of 80 percent.


XSELL Technologies was founded on the concept that every customer interaction should be with your best brand ambassador. Through powerful artificial intelligence capabilities, XSELL puts this goal within reach — bringing personalized digital conversations to life, building brand loyalty and driving revenue.

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