Transform Triage Tactics into a Long-Term Strategy

With the end of COVID-19 still uncertain, learn the value of transitioning your workers who are currently working from home to a scalable work-at-home strategy.

Due to COVID-19, countless companies are adjusting to social distancing government ordinances by employing home-based workforces. For many of those businesses, they’ve reacted with triage solutions, in which employees set up home-offices at kitchen tables, sofas and recliners. This work-from-home “quick fix” addresses business continuity and keeps processes in place, but it doesn’t address the long-term strategies needed for a situation without a definitive end.

SYKESHome takes home-based environments a step further, applying strategy, technology and experience to offer solutions that equip agents to work at home. SYKESHome agents are hand-picked (with an overall hire rate of just 2%) and trained to offer exceptional customer care experiences using technology that’s tailored for remote functionality.

For the businesses that face issues transitioning to work-at-home, SYKESHome is here to transform any stumbling blocks into starting blocks — so you can get your business back on track.

In our 20+ years as work-at-home experts, SYKESHome has the capability and resources to make the transition seamless for our partners. Uniquely qualified as a WAH expert, SYKESHome has transitioned countless companies to remote customer care without reducing the quality and efficiency of our specialized WAH agents — or the exceptional customer experiences they deliver.

When the triage solution of working from home must scale for the long term, we deploy our WAH strategy to deliver on the following pillars of a successful home-based model:

  • Functionality & Dependability: Seamlessly integrating existing processes and technologies into our WAH solution, SYKESHome deploys best-in-class equipment for our WAH agents to ensure home-based agents are just as effective and productive as those on-site.
  • Speed of Transfer: Our home-based solution can ramp up quickly — a geographically unlimited network of agents, innovative workforce management platform and dedicated tech support teams enable strategic scalability, even in reactive situations.
  • Security: HIPAA-compliant and PCI-certified, enterprise-level partners trust SYKES to provide 24-hour monitoring, strict access controls and organized fraud detection to deliver the highest level of security to protect partner data and customer information.
  • Operational Excellence: Our flexible service team comprises a network of home-based agents distributed across four countries and in 40 states to ensure your customer support operations continue to delight your customers without fail.

While working from home during extenuating circumstances can be effective in the short-term, processes must be strategically realigned into a more viable solution for long-term needs — one that protects your business against future disruptions. Our established and secure home-based service model helps companies do the right thing the right way, because SYKESHome doesn’t just give you a solution that works from home, it gives you a work-at-home solution that really works.