SYKES Helps Women Take on Tech

Supporting International Women’s Day

Traditionally, women haven’t had the same visibility or participation in tech careers as men, and SYKES is seeking to change that. Using initiatives aimed at empowerment through education, we’ve made it our mission to help women take control of their careers, access new opportunities and achieve greater gender equality.

International Women’s Day

“An equal world is an enabled world.”

International Women’s Day had its first gathering in 1911, and hasn’t stopped reaching for better representation for women ever since. Every March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political contributions and achievements of women.

A collective day of global celebration and a call for gender equality, International Women’s Day is celebrated by individuals and businesses globally who have taken action to see its mission realized.

Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. Let’s all be #EachforEqual.

SYKES’ Gender Equality Efforts

As recently as 2016,  SYKES realized that women made up only about 14% of all tech accounts. Seeing a need to introduce more women to high-tech growth opportunities, SYKES Costa Rica launched the SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT) program. An extension of the already-successful Tech Academy, which provided students and brand advocates with advanced technical education and certifications, SWIT was focused on getting more women to register.

SYKES English Academy, a free language program, was another valuable initiative that sought to strengthen fluency in order to help applicants, brand advocates and other community members qualify for more opportunities. In 2018, 1,515 of 1,871 enrolled students graduated, achieving an 81% regional success rate. And, since launching in 2007, more than 10,000 have graduated —  7,500 of whom earned jobs with SYKES.

Working together, these programs have made an impact. Thanks to SWIT, women’s enrollment in Tech Academy increased from just 16% in 2016 to over 40% in 2018, and has granted over 300 scholarships. So, it’s no surprise that SYKES won gold in the Stevie Award for Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women in 2018 — thanks in large part to the programs and initiatives that have offered women valuable language and business skills across the world.

SYKES Academies and Initiatives

Take advantage of these great programs to get the most from SYKES. Some of these programs were created with women in mind and all of them help support SYKES’ continued mission to see equal representation, more opportunity and lasting success.

SYKES Women in Technology (SWIT) is a gender-equality program that aims to increase inclusion in technically-focused accounts through enrollment in technical education.

SYKES Tech Academy empowers SYKES brand advocates with advanced technical education. In 2018, 1,417 graduated and 99 SYKES brand advocates were promoted after completing the course.

SYKES English Academy drives business sustainability and social mobility by helping applicants, brand advocates and community members attain valuable career skills in English.

Mid-Level Leadership (MLL) Growth Program is a training and mentorship program for SYKES brand advocates that pairs people with the coaching they need to become future leaders.

Work Learn Grow offers brand advocates opportunities to do more outside of the office and encourages personal growth, professional development and community involvement.

SYKES Continues the Mission

SYKES employs thousands of women all over the world. The continued efforts and contributions of women are a vital part of our continued growth and economic impact.

At SYKES, it’s important for us to take the time to recognize and appreciate the contributions of women. We want to say thanks and show that we’re invested in gender equality and opportunity for women everywhere. Take the time to recognize the talented, brilliant, incredible women around you. And stick around, because there’s more to come, and a lot more to be done.