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Navigating Home-Based Agent Services

“The growth of home-based outsourced agents as a business model of choice has been amazing over the past five years, and shows no sign of abating. The vendors that will succeed in this space will be those that are capable of demonstrating long-term value along with competitive pricing. This was borne out in Ovum’s most recent Decision Matrix, in which SYKES was ranked in our leadership category of firms that provide outsourced virtual agents. The competition was stiff, but SYKES’ legacy in this space, coupled with its ability to use home agents across multiple verticals and in both traditional and emerging functions propelled them to the top tier category. It is clear that home-based agent services in one of SYKES’ strongest competitive differentiators.”

Peter Ryan, Principal Analyst, Ovum

Ovum’s Decision Matrix; Selecting a Home-Based Outsourcing Vendor, 2014-15

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