Introducing SYKES Quarterly Newsletter

With our inaugural issue complete and subsequent issues already in the works, we’re pleased to announce the launch of SYKES Quarterly!

Our digital, data-driven thought leadership newsletter features content from experts and industry leaders — both inside and outside the SYKES organization — on topics around customer experience, the future of work, intelligent automation and much more.

Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll find inside our first issue of SYKES Quarterly:

By Chuck Sykes, President & CEO, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Chatbots, self-serve content and other automated channels exist to deliver that “all online, all the time” experience customers crave — but even businesses based entirely in the cloud aren’t immune from hiccups that require human interaction. What makes a truly intelligent customer experience? Learn how you can prepare your organization to provide just that.

By Christopher Rogers, Chief Security Officer and Deputy CIO, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

To be truly hyper-personalized, data must be about individual customers — their information, their behaviors, their intentions. As the keepers of customer data, how do we responsibly contribute to an improved customer experience? Learn how to set the bar high for data protection and privacy in a hyper-personalized landscape.

By Dr. Leslie Willcocks, Professor, Department of Management, London School of Economics & Political Science; Dr. John Hindle, Managing Partner, Knowledge Capital Partners; Dr. Mary Lacity, Professor, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

Building an automation platform leads to so many more business possibilities — new products, services and lines of business; differentiated customer experiences; better analytics; etc. Learn how automation leads to superior intelligence on operations, markets and customers.

By Willy Lim, Senior Director, WFM APAC & Digital Solutions Shared Services, Sykes Asia, Incorporated; Dylan Valerio, Data Science Manager, Data Science & Machine Learning Group for Financial, Travel & Healthcare, Sykes Asia, Incorporated

At the forefront of today’s business strategy, the digital transformation should not cause an organization to lose sight of its most important asset — human intelligence. What guides your customer experience philosophy? Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) can work hand in hand.

By Sarah Grace McCandless, VP, Customer Engagement & Brand Advocacy, Clearlink

Consumers don’t just expect brands to have a social media presence, they expect that presence to be valuable. Go beyond “mitigate and resolve” to include a strategy that will “surprise and delight” on social media and make loyal brand advocates out of your customers, followers and your customers’ followers.

We hope you enjoy these experts and industry leaders sharing their insights and observations.