Fortune 50 Retail Consumer Electronics Leader Achieves Ultimate Scalability with SYKES Home’s Onshore Virtual @Home Model

Industry: Retail Electronics Products

Challenge: Increase staffing (without compromising quality) by changing outsource providers before high volume season began

Solution: Selected virtual onshore @home model to handle inbound hardware support calls


  • After initial pilot ramped program from 350+ FTE to over 1100FTEin less than 6 weeks in time for its peak season
  • Immediately ramped up to support additional call volume that their other traditional brick and mortar call center was unable to handle
  • Added a new call type

Company Overview

This retail client is the worldwide leader in software, services and consumer electronic devices that help people and businesses realize their full potential. For more than 35 years this client has transformed and dominated the computer software industry. The company has diversified in recent years and now has eight business divisions, more than 90,000 employees worldwide and reached$70B in net revenue last year.

Business Challenge

The offshore call centers supporting the client’s gaming product lacked the ability to increase staffing to the levels necessary to meet the client’s peak season call volume forecast. As a result, management was concerned about significantly increasing capacity without compromising quality.

Could an outsourced, virtual work @home solution meet their aggressive staffing needs while still delivering a high-quality customer experience?

Success Strategy

The company transformed their business by bringing outsourced customer service capabilities for this high-profile division located offshore back onshore to secure necessary capacity for it speak holiday season. The client selected SYKES Home’s virtual work @home solution to service their gaming customers and boost customer satisfaction.

First, SYKES Home and the client met to discuss the ramp strategy necessary to support both holiday peaks as well as a new product launch. In order to meet the client’s needs it was determined that SYKESHome would need to identify, hire, and train 1100 FTE (full time employees) in four months. Their brick & mortar provider’s capacity was limited to 400 FTE due to real estate and corresponding recruiting constraints.

SYKESHome’ ability to recruit without boundaries across North America enables us to – within tight time constraints – recruit, hire, train and launch any program in only 60 to 90 days with the highest quality in the industry. The 100% virtual nature of our @home model is ideally suited for clients who have growing staffing needs and seek the best and the brightest talent available.

Benefits & Results

SYKESHome hired, trained and launched 1,100 new customer care professionals into production within 4 months. Almost 50% of the 1,100 employees were put into production in 6 weeks! This undertaking began in July 2010 with the launch of a 90 FTE pilot program evolving to:

  • 180 FTE by August
  • Doubling again in September to 360 FTE
  • And growing to 1100 FTEs in November, which was the month of the new product release

Customer Care FTEs - SYKES

SYKESHome repeated the 2010 holiday ramp again in 2011. This time, planning and preparation began 6 months earlier with the client and SYKES Home working together to craft the strategy and forecast needs as a team.

The 2011 results were just as impressive. SYKESHome adjusted staffing levels as necessary to handle four peak weeks and the massive changes in volume. From a staffing perspective, SYKESHome over performed on every level:

  • When the client needed more representatives on the phone to meet unanticipated call volume, we delivered.
  • When the client’s traditional brick and mortar call center vendor was unable to scale up to provide the coverage needed, SYKESHome took on the overflow and handled the additional call volume.

Retail Contact Center Workforce - SYKES


One of the greatest advantage’s clients receive when working with SYKESHome is the scalability inherent in our employee-based virtual @home model. Our highly- skilled workforce in over 1,800 North American cities makes it possible to easily and efficiently scale up within a short timeframe to respond to fluctuations in call volume or ramp up to meet program growth.

This can save clients millions of dollars by avoiding the consequences of inadequate staffing such as long hold times, high abandon rates, lower first call resolution and even negative brand perception. It also ensures that staffing levels remain consistent while customer service and client loyalty stay high.

When the pilot program began, SYKEHome’ employees handled Inbound Hardware Support Calls. Because of the value delivered by our @home solution, the client expanded the call types and communication channels provided by SYKES Home’ @home workforce to include Live Technical Support and a Chat channel.

Now, many of the employees dedicated to this client are trained to handle both call types, providing customers with a more efficient customer experience.

This client wants to be recognized as the industry innovator and the leading customer experience provider. As the client’s only @home virtual partner, SYKESHome is committed to helping them achieve those objectives while continuing to ramp with quality, deliver consistent staffing and provide continuous quality improvement.

“I know that when you deliver the support that you do, we are earning customers for a lifetime.  This group represents the ability for us to maintain, retain, and develop relationships with customers that choose us over our competitors because they know that we will solve their problems and take care of them.”

-General Manager of Client’s Product Team addressing SYKES Home’ Support Team during an on-site visit to the client’s headquarters